Roman Reigns defeats King Corbin in a Steel Cage Match

Anfostar Team Thu Feb 27, 2020
Roman Reigns defeats King Corbin in a Steel Cage Match
Welcome to Anfostar_ It was a steel cage match in which Roman Reigns beat King Corbin with a Superman Punch and won the match

The King entered the ring for the very first to face Roman Reigns in a Steel Cage match, he was locked inside the Cage to wait of Roman Reigns and here came The Big Dog with big chain in his hand, looking much angered at Baron Corbin. They both had the trash talk from the outside of the ring.

Roman Rings locked the door with the chair he brought with him, Baron Corbin attacked Roman before the beginning of the match, the referee called to ring the bail, and The King bumped Roman into the fence for the few more damages, Baron Corbin left off Roman Reigns into the ring and went on to climb to the top of the Cage but the sense worked for Roman as he stopped him doing so, Roman Reigns himself climb on the top of the Cage but there came the interruption from Baron who gripped Roman Reigns at the top of the Cage to apply big Powerbomb but Roman Reigns got back into the action but hooking off the lock and pushed Baron on to the apron.

Baron Corbin tried to take up the key to a door which was handled by Roman Reigns and he took the key to open the door, but he was blocked by Roman Reigns from doing so, Bron went on to weaken Roman with kicks and he called the referee to open the door. Roman Reigns suddenly readied for Superman Punch but Baron instead launched the Chockslam on Roman for the two counts.

Roman Reigns invented Superman Punch on Baron for the two counts, Baron Corbin climbed on the top of the Cage and he was followed by Roman Reigns, they took an intense rivalry on the edge of the Cage, Roman efforted to get off the Cage but that was too quick for Baron to stop him. They both came back in the Cage and took back to back Superman Punch on Bron and then he took the chin to wrap up his hand with it and launched a Superman Puch to defeat Baron Corbin.

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