Routes of river Ganges and its various tributaries

Anfostar Team Wed Oct 19, 2022
Routes of river Ganges and its various tributaries
Routes of river Ganges and its various tributaries

Many species of fish and snakes are found in this river, and rare freshwater dolphins are also found.

It contributes significantly to the development of agriculture, tourism, adventure sports and industries and also supplies water to the towns situated on its banks.

The religious places and pilgrimages developed on its banks are a special part of the Indian social system. Bridges, dams and river projects built over it meet India's needs for electricity, water and agriculture.

Scientists believe that the water of this river contains viruses called bacteriophages, which do not allow bacteria and other harmful microorganisms to survive.

Despite this unique purification ability and social reverence of the Ganges, it has not been stopped from getting polluted. Still its efforts are going on and in the order of several projects of cleanliness (Namami Gange Yojana) in November 2008, the Government of India made it the National River of India and the Ganga river waterway between Prayag (Prayagraj) and Haldia (1620 km) as National Waterway. has been declared.

Ganges water is considered to be the best water in India. (Gangetic dolphin is also found in it which has been recognized as a 2009 aquatic organism by the Government of India)

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