Royal Rmble | Becky Lynch And Asuka Get Their Fine Showdown For Title Tonight

Anfostar Team Sun Jan 26, 2020
Royal Rmble | Becky Lynch And Asuka Get Their Fine Showdown For Title Tonight
Welcome to Anfostar_Tonight Becky is going to collect her final debut with her much-concerned rival Asuka who has been dominative on Becky Lynch yet. Becky Lynch is possibly waiting for this opportunity for a long time when she first got to engle with each other. The battle has somehow become the personal and very crucial to be done for both the superstars. It's gonna make you stand where you would be sitting to watch the match.

Sigle's match for Raw Women's championship

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs. Asuka

Becky Lynch confessed on getting her math with Asuka at the 2020 Royal Rumble for the Raw Women's championship. As we witnessed the match between Natalia and The Queen which was won by Charlotte Flair by pinfall after the match we saw Charly Caruso was backstage with RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch. Charly put a question to her that how she challenged Asuka for the title match but so far no date has been taken into action. Becky confessed the match with Asuka for the 2020 Royal Rumble.

A Few weeks ago Raw was set to observe The official contract for The Raw Woman championship match ahead of the Royal Rumble. The official contract took the place_Lawler introduced Becky Lynch as the First to enter for the contract. music hit and she came out in order to sign the contract. Lawler asked Becky Lynch that has she got anything to say Royal Rumble match before he calls out Asuka for the contract, but she did not speak and just took the seat in a quiet manner, Lawler introduced Asuka next. WWE Women's Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors were the next - Asuka with Kairi Sane.

It's been a few days since she is not worthy to fight she has not been in herself. Last week she was taken for a sit-down interview with Charly Caruso who asked her about how she has been handling the defeat against The Kabuki Warriors.

Lynch said every time her opponent needs me but this opponent she needs Asuka because Asuka is the one person who she hasn't been able to beat and open to now Asuka has had her number but she needs that to change, not for even the company or the title, because she needs to prove something to herself. The interview dismissed.

On Dec.23, 2019, Becky Lynch made the biggest confession by calling out Asuka for a title match against her She challenged Asuka saying that Becky reminds her she's the one woman to defeat The Man fair and square. Asuka went to say in Japanese that she wants to become "Asuka 2 Belts" Becky forced the answer to Asuka to name the time and the place. She then spoke In Japanese in the case to make her understand that, She said let me put it into words you can understand. which was apparently right understood by Asuka then Becky went to the way ahead.

It will be dazzling to see both the superstars in their full strength to get back in the fight. Will Becky defend her title successfully or Asuka goes up to make the history?

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