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WrestleMania 36 Special and Backstage News:

Royal Rumble 2020 | Bayley Retains her SmakDown Woman's championship

Published on Mon Jan 27,2020 By Anfostar Team

Bayley was the next to enter the ring and then Lacey Evans, who went to her daughter's side make her wear a cap, she was there to support her. They both were introduced, Bayley raised her title into the air, the bail rang and Lacey backed Bayley into the corner, she was delivering the back to back hits on Bayley, it looked that she was in a complete rage to take the revenge from Bayley, another side we saw Bayley tried to put off the ring post but she was stopped by the referee.

Bayley went on the top of the ring post and made a high jump on Lacey, Bayley grabbed lacey in her solid grip, lacey was unable to get out of the lock, Bayley was fully confident to have her title back. Somehow, Lacey got back into the action by pushing Bayley into the corner, but she again got dashed down by Bayley.

She continued to make her dominance by getting the complete devastation on Lacey Evans. During the match, Lacey made her way out with few more kicks but nothing worked for Lacey Evans as Bayley pinned Lacey to win the match.

Bayley Lacey Evans

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