Royal Rumble 2020 Preview | Strap match between Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan for WWE Universal Championship

Anfostar Team Sun Jan 26, 2020
Royal Rumble 2020 Preview | Strap match between Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan for WWE Universal Championship
Welcome to Anfostar_Tonight Daniel Bryan will challenge 'The Fiend' BrayWyatt for the Universal Championship in a STRAP MATCH. You can call it the most exciting match. Tonight, earlier we saw SmackDown got started with a tribute to our late Rocky Johanson, the Royal Rumble season starts now, we first saw the Kane heading towards the ring, the legendary Kane was in the ring, he took the mic to say, the nine days are away from the my even the Royal Rumble, the chances are on for the WrestleMania but the more the chance for immortality, the long-time enemy got reflected on the big screen "The Fiend" then he started to show some past video that what he did with him.

The lights were off and The Fied came from down the apron and the Kane was out of the ring, finally, Kane saw him and said He is looking for that, but Daniel Bryan came out to apply his knee breaker and he went down where he came from but lastly, we saw Daniel Bryan ripping off Fiends hair and completed his regret. Kane and Daniel stood tall to tune in Yes!!

After that we saw Daniel Bryan and Kane were backstage, he was asked about the today's attacked then he said people think that the fiend is a mind game but he is fine enough to fly away from the ring when he in danger and what we gonna do best to reply him is to set a strap match at Royal Rumble then he went out of the ring.

The Fiend has been putting the mind game since he entangled with Daniel Bryan Wyatt and he has put Daniel Bryan to deep think about the facts. After the extended mind games between the two competitors, Daniel Bryan has somehow paid off the same assault that was conducted by Bray Wyatt a few weeks ago, ripping off Daniel's hair before having the decisive match for Universal Championship at Royal Rumble.

The last episode of Smackdown went in the air with a contract signing when The Fiend attacked Daniel in a savagery way.

We were in the ring with Michael Cole as he introduced Daniel Bryan to have the contract signing for Strap Match at Sunday's WWE Royal Rumble and then Bray Wyatt was introduced to the ring but instead of coming to the ring he emerged on the big screen. Wyatt had a fax machine, Wyatt said he is trying to send the contract to Bryan but he can't this fancy. machine to work. Wyatt had a joke about calling customer service. Daniel interrupted him before he could speak out something else.

He said he knows you are the sick man but you gotta come on down to have the contract signing all you do is you run from your past. The red light up as The Fiend emerged middle of the ring with the belt that Daniel had put on the table. Daniel attacked him but nothing took the retribution for him. The Fiend grabbed him in his arm to the post side and went on to tear Daniel's shirt to hit the shot of that belt. The Fiend went on to signs the contract in blood and made his way to the to escape from there. Daniel got up with little steps, the fans cheered for Daniel Bryan and tuned in Yes!! moment.

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