Royal Rumble 2020 | Roman Reigns def. King Corbin in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

Anfostar Team Mon Jan 27, 2020
Royal Rumble 2020 | Roman Reigns def. King Corbin in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
The announcer revealed that Roman Reigns and King Corbin will kick off the show with a falls Count Anywhere match. The most time Royal Rumble winner Stev Stone had the presenting motivation before we went up to the show. The road to Wrestlemania starts now, The Big Dog was the first to kick off the show, he was introduced by the announcer as he headed up to the ring flaunting at the middle of the apron, he looked very aggressive to have the match with King Corbin, he went to circle to give a treat to the Fans by shaking hand with fans.

The opponent Baron Corbin was the next to enter the stage. we were taken back to the video clip on what got done with Roman Reigns when he was humiliated by Baron Corbin with Dogs food, Roman Reigns got off the stage into aggression and attacked Baron Corbin and the security guys, he took Baron into the ring and had back to back hits on him. Baron Corbin made himself off the ring and went on to touch the barricade.

Roman Reigns went out of the ring to take him in the ring. Roman Reigns got ready to launch Superman Puch but King Corbin got himself saved by having deep-six on Roman Reigns. He pushed him off to the ring. King Corbin went took off the announce table to have King Corbin on it. he was ready to make it with the instant but Roman Reigns save by sending him through the barricade. Roman Reigns took Baron on the top of the stage away from the ring, Baron Corbin and Roman Reigns came back near to the announce table and Baron was much hectic to send Roman on the announce table. he went for the cover for the two counts.

Baron Corbin got the thing fixed when Roman Reigns made the plane to agonize, Baron Corbin, as Roman was about to make his Superman punch Baron instead dropped him on the announce table. Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin went on the top of the stage where Roman Reigns launched back to back two Samoa drop on Baron Corbin and went for the cover to have kicked out with two Counts, we saw suddenly, Robert Roode and Ziggler approached to the ring and started to blow up Roman Reigns, everything was legitimized to have there.

The Usos had their blowing entry in the ring to save Roman Reigns but the help could be found nowhere for The Usos and Roman Reigns as they continued to make their dominance. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode Took The Usos on the steel barricade, Roman Reigns got back into the action by back to back superman punches, he escorted baron to another side of the ground and put him through the nearby box which he dropped by the crowed chanted Holy Shit!! Corbin got the position back with the back to back steel hits on Roman Reigns while Roman Reigns was down on the table.

Roman made his worth by having his strength back with a massive Superman Puch and then a Spear right to the third baseline to win the match

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