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Royal Rumble | Edge Shocks Everyone With His Appearnce At Royal Rumble

Updated On: Mon Jan 27, 2020 By Anfostar Team


Welcome to Anfostar_Tonight there was no greatest moment then the victory form Drew McIntyre. In another word, I would say no moment in the 2020 Men's Royal Rumble Match was more shocking than the return of Edge who returned to in-ring action since his retirement in 2011.

The Rated-R Superstar entered the ring by shocking everyone. He entered at No. 21 for his first in-ring appearance after a long time of 9 years. Edge is a former Royal Rumble Match winner who won the match in 2010 just 1 year before his retirement to WWE company.

The entrance was not only enough him as he went on to eliminate 3 competitors including Luke Gallows, AJ Styes and the Former RKO teammate Randy Orton just getting eliminated by Roman Reigns. For a while, Randy Orton and Edge worked for a team but at the end of the match they clashed with each other and ultimately Edge eliminated Randy Orton.

He took the game for 23:43 seconds including three elimination. WWE Universe was eagerly waiting for a big and shocking and it all came down with Edge. Edge is one of the most decorated professional wrestlers of all-time, having won 31 championships in WWE overall,[9] including the World Heavyweight Championship a record seven times, the WWE Championship four times, the Intercontinental Championship five times, the United States Championship once and so on.

Serval Superstars took to their twitter share the shocking return of Edge

You can watch full tweets below

Royal Rumble

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