Rumors On Christian's Match At Extreme Rules 2020

Jitendra Jangir Wed Jun 17, 2020
Rumors On Christian's Match At Extreme Rules 2020
The following week, Christian was challenged to an unsanctioned match by Randy Orton. This would be Christian’s first match in over 6 years.

Before commencing the match we held an unpredicted call from Ric Flair who landed a low blow on Christain apparently setting him off the match as Randy Orton followed the Punt to win the match.

After being ruthlessly punted by The Viper, Christian was taken from the WWE Performance Center on a stretcher in this footage you didn't see tapping on Monday Night Raw.

Now, it's is being rumored that Christain will soon be back on his back to wrestle against Randy Orton at Extrem Rules 2020 that will drive our attention on July 19 from WWE Performance Center.

Recently, Brooker T, spoke about this matter on his radio show Reality of Wrestling's Channel

While speaking if Christain's performance was a one-off. Brooker T said We all feel that way, we all feel like we got one last run and Christian, I’m going to tell you right now, after just getting in the ring, just making that walk, I can only imagine if there had been Ten thousand, Fifteen, Twenty thousand people in the arena, he would have really lost his mind when he got back to the hotel room".

Brooker T later said that, "Christain is going to get the bug and will be at Extreme Rules in the ring".

Below you can listen to the full video.

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Image Credit: WWE

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