Spoiler: WWE Avoids Drew Gulak Vs. AJ Styles And More From Tonight's SmackDown Due To COVID-19?

Jitendra Jangir Fri Jun 26, 2020
Spoiler: WWE Avoids Drew Gulak Vs. AJ Styles And More From Tonight's SmackDown Due To COVID-19?
There is no doubt on SmackDown tapping which is still hyped to air but it seems that WWE could leave most of the segments without happening including the IC championship match between AJ Styles Vs. Drew Gulak due to Coronavirus. Recently, Renee Young and Kayla have tested positive for COVID-19 which has left many to wonder that there could be more wrestler who could test positive for Coronavirus.

This is one of the concerns that could leave most of the superstars to appear on tonight's SmackDown.

As you can see at this link WWE is also not including other segments in their preview, instead, they have settled a special tribute to The Undertaker where they will Re-air Boneyard Match. To make it more reliable, I would like to expose you that Boneyard Match Between AJ Styles and The Undertaker lasted 35 minutes. They have even removed their article for IC Champion match between AJ Styles and Drew Gulak and more.

However, there is no official statement from WWE so far, the plans are still to be executed.

Matt Riddle actually demanded a Title match against AJ Styles on SmackDown but the access was denied by AJ Styles himself. But next week AJ Styles will have to stake IC Championship against Drew Gulak(With Daniel Bryan). Don't know brings up there but sure for one thing that Matt Riddle deserves to get the title shot against AJ Styles which could end at WWE Extreme Rules.

Mandy Rose slaps The Miz after Sonya Deville ambush, this chaos is gonna be critical in the upcoming days.

Tonight Sheamus will also represent the toast of Jeff Hardy after what we have witnessed between these two superstars.

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