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Rusev Talks About His Most Nervous WWE Moments

Updated On: Mon Jun 29, 2020 By Jitendra Jangir


Miro (Rusev) Shoots on his YouTube channel ToBeMiroTV to explain on his Most Nervous WWE Moments!, when beginning the talk with Royal Rumble, Rusve explained that there were only four times he got nervous in WWE.

Ruseve said, "so I did end up debuting. I think it was number five and I think there was one of my only time that I've been nervous before a match, you know, It's my debut and usually I never get nervous about Wresting. I've been nervous only I think two or three times or maybe four and I know those moments The first one was before my debut. There was my first time I was nervous, the second time was before Cena match at Mania and maybe There was another time that I was nervous just because it's your first WrestleMania and you have this we have this huge entrance where the tank and you had some good stuff so that I was nervous then as well.

"My other nervous moment was the first time I worked with Big show and it was one of these things that he was sending as I hey. I'll see you in the ring. I just saw him backstage, you know, he's a large man. I love Show like Big Show is one of my favorite dudes ever and I was like, yeah. I'll see you there in the ring and, Was it a here I am".

"Six months on the road working with a freaking giant that I've never worked before, you know, and it's not just like you to work somebody true never wrestled before, you know, you're working with a freaking giant even though he is the best giant ever in history still. He's a big show. It's not the same as working And I was really nervous for Ryan. he would have great there but I was nervous then I was nervous before Taker again, because once again it was one of these days I'll see you in the ring".

"Oh, so yeah, that was the second time. I was nervous was but I guess show what was all I guess Taker. It's Saudi Arabia was nervous as well, it's just because you know, it's Taker with never touched before we all have the respect to Taker obviously and just like hey, I'll see you".

"The casket, first of all, I haven't even been to a casket ever. I don't think any of y'all have been into a casket either and then they locked me there with another dude Aiden But yeah, that was the only time that I was nervous. I think I'll lie within the result of us. Either you should be confident in your skills. There's no point in being nervous".

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