Sasha Banks Vs. Asuka For Raw Women's Championship Match, Sasha Banks Becomes The New Champion

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jul 28, 2020
Sasha Banks Vs. Asuka For Raw Women's Championship Match, Sasha Banks Becomes The New Champion
The Music hit as Asuka and Kairi Sane entered the ring. We saw Kairi Sane taking Bayley out of the arena.

Back from the commercial break, as the official introduced them. The bell rang, Sasha Banks with a big slap to Asuka, we see Asuka with Dropkick taking Sasha Banks into the corner landing kicks. Asuka with Shining Wizzer. Sasha Banks with big Boot and went for her move, but Asuka instead with Armbar looking to have an early submission, Sasha Banks touched the bottom rope in order to break the submission. Banks grabbed the right arm of Asuka to lead the hurt. Banks with Double knee.

Sasha Banks was taking control of the match. Sasha Banks suddenly, Sasha Banks went out of the ring and called the offical to give her title back, but the referee continued with counts. Saha Banks threw Tag-Team title into the ring and herself entered the ring with Raw Women's Title, the referee took the Tag-Team Title and gave it to the official, meanwhile, Sasha Banks handed over Raw WOmen's Title to Asuka alleging that Asuka hit her with the title. She was trying to disqualify her, but sais he saw, Asuka did not hit you with the title. Asuka with a big Superkick for the cover but Kicked out at two.

Back from the break, as Asuka with knee strick. Asuka for the Hip attack but Sasha Banks ducked driving her into the ropes. Sasha Banks now, landed hurts on Asuka's left leg. Sasha Banks with Meteora move for the cover, but Asuka broke the cover at two. Sasha Banks with submission move, Somehow, Asuka was able to get back into the match.

Asuka with Kneebar, and then went for the Anklelock, Sasha Banks broke the lock driving Asuka into the middle of the ring post. Sasha Bank with double knee and went top of the ring post, but Asuka was ready with knee up, as Sasha Banks felt the hurt. Now, Asuka with German Suplex and then brought out with Hip attack for the cover, but Sasha Banks was able to kick out at two.

They both at the top rope, Sasha Bank sent Asuka into the middle of the ring, and launched herself for the cover, Asuka kicked out at two. Banks went Armbar, but Asuka was able to get out of the lock. Sasha Banks launched Asuka into the announce table, Asuka back into the ring as the referee took the counts at 9. Saha Banks could not believe that Asuka got back into the ring.

Meanwhile, Asuka with attack, Asuka with Armbar. Suddenly, we saw Bayley were beating black and blue on Kairi Sane backstage, Asuka could not control herself and walked out of the arena to save Kairi Sane, the referee went to count 10 with Sasha Banks as the new Raw Women's Champion.

Winner : Sasha Banks, Victory followed by Countout

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