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Sasha Banks Vs. Asuka For Raw Women's Championship Match Winner Prediction at WWE SummerSlam 2020

Updated On: Sun Aug 23, 2020 By Anfostar Team


The saga continues to rise up as Asuka will finally see Sasha Banks at SummerSlam 2020.

Asuka was out for payback on Sasha Banks & Bayley, and The Empress was set on reclaiming her Raw Women’s Title. But to challenge The Boss at SummerSlam, she’ll have to get through SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley first.

Not only Asuka did get through SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley but also won the match with clear Submission. Now, It will be Asuka Vs. Sasha Banks for Raw Women's Championship match at SummerSlam.

Raw Women's Championship Match

Sasha Banks Vs. Asuka

Predicted Winner: Asuka

SummerSlam Asuka Sasha Banks

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