Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy Dodge Kevin Owens & Samoa Joe In Winning The Match

Anfostar Team Tue Jan 28, 2020
Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy Dodge Kevin Owens & Samoa Joe In Winning The Match
Welcome to Anfostar_Title match already down but one thing that also went good as interesting when Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe came around the ring and eventually enraged with Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy.

Let's read below the full recap about what happened all through the way

Seth Rollins entered the ring followed by Buddy Murphy, Seth Rollins took the mic to say that he was so close to winning the Rumble for a second in the year but it wasn't in the cards. Seth Rollins further mentioned that Kevin Owen and Samoa Joe are not going to WrestleMania, and how he and Murphy took the titles last week from The Viking Raiders, he explained few more facts related to Kevin Owens and then immediately called out Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe to enter the ring.

Kevin Owens and Samoa enraged the talk and headed to make their way up to the ring but Seth Rollins stopped them by saying that you have got AOP he showed them in the big screen, in the response of it Kevin Owens and Samoa said sure you have got AOP behind us but we have also got someone to stop them. Then we saw The Viking Raiders beating down AOP, Kein Owens and Samoa Joe headed towards the ring to attack them.

Seth Rollins and Samoa got the thing to kick off the things Samoa with a massive hit on his nose kicked out over the top rope. Buddy Murphy went down to take care of Seth Rollins and he was tagged then. Buddy came in the ring, he looked a little impressive but for a while when Samoa Joe went on to make his dominance. Samoa Joe made the tag with Kevin Owens.

Seth Rollins wanted to make the tag with Buddy but the help could not be found anywhere for them. Finally, he made the tag with Seth Rollins who took Samoa in the right corner and had the few more kicks on him. Samoa Joe immediately tossed Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy over the top rope and himself went to jump on them through the top rope.

They both were ambushed out of the ring it looked that they would easily get the title in their favor. After the break, Seth Rollins was taking on Kevin Owens. We had the report that Samoa Joe would not be any longer capable to fight because he got injured and taken out of the arena. Now it was only the two on one handicap match.

Kevin looked even more effective on both of them as he took Seth Rollins with Powerbomb and for the cover but Seth Rollins kicked out with 2 counts, The tag was with Buddy Muphy who was taken out with heavily effected hit by Kevin Owens. He took Buddy on the top of the ring post and through him on the ground and made the high jump on him which took him to the cover but he kicked out on 2 counts.

Kevin Owens was disrupted by Seth Rollins from the other side. Kevin sent him out of the ring and went for the move on Buddy Murphy and went for the cover but the cover was broken by Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens immediately grabbed Seth Rollins for the Startshuter but another side Buddy Murphy rolled him for 3 counts to win the match.

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