Seth Rollins Invites Rey Mysterio And Dominik To Raw

Jitendra Jangir Sat Jun 13, 2020
Seth Rollins Invites Rey Mysterio And Dominik To Raw
Last week on Raw we were up for Rey Mysterio's interview, the mic hit and we welcomed The Monday Night Messiah heading towards the ring, he joined the commentary in order to watch Rey Mysterio's interview.

Rey Mysterio was on the camera who called him "a Son of Bit***h". Rey Mysterio made us believe that he does not know that he will be able to fight but he is healing and will soon get back to be in the ring.

Rey Mysterio had the warning for Seth Rollins, he made believe that Seth Rollins will have to pay for what he did to him. Seth Rollins interrupted them inviting him and his son to Raw next week.

Rey Mysterio said "he is not medically cleared and once he gets consented for the fight, he will be in the ring. Seth Rollins was attacked by Aleister Blackout of nowhere.

While Mysterio’s outlook is promising, he’s still not cleared for a return to the ring. Rey Mysterio vows to make Seth Rollins pay for the hell he has forced the masked man’s family to endure.

This Monday just right after the one day of the Backlash, we will take a close note for the concern between Rey and Seth Rollins.

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Image Credit: WWE

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