Several WWE Superstars Support #Speakingout Trends On Social Media

Jitendra Jangir Fri Jun 19, 2020
Several WWE Superstars Support #Speakingout Trends On Social Media
Several WWE Superstars are just Supporting #Speakingout Trends On Social Media. All the women are coming forward to impart their own stories on social media.

Recently, a woman named Hannah Francesca shared graphic photos on Twitter of blisters throughout her lower body in which The former cruiserweight champion Jordan Devlin has been accused of abusing.

Several WWE superstars took to their social media to make their response on this matter apparently making their supports for such women.

WWE Superstar Paige wrote in the support, "I’m only just catching up properly with social media and wow. Seeing so many of you speaking out against these disgusting humans makes me so sad to see your experiences but proud of you for telling your story. Keep using your voice. We love you and have your back".

Mia Yim says, "I was lucky enough to have my story heard years ago. Now, it’s your turn. Proud of the women & men coming forward. You are heard", [Heart Emoji].

WWE SmackDown superstar tucker wrote coming out in the support, "The things I have read today have made me sick to my stomach. To anyone Speaking Out I’m sorry you had to go through these things, thank you for your courage. To my colleagues, if you ever need a confidant at work it would be my honor. Sex abuse needs to end".

NXT UK women's champion Kay_Lee_Ray wrote, "Sorry I've not been very vocal today. This is a hard one. To everyone #SpeakingOut I'm proud of you and I love you", [Heart Emoji].

Dolph Ziggler added, "A lot of brave voices #speakingout. I don’t know if I could ever have that much courage. I hate that anyone had to go though this; in any way, shape or form. Please know we have your back".

SmackDown Tag-Team Champion Big E wrote, "I pray our industry is swiftly rid of all these predators & abusers. To everyone brave enough to tell their story, I’m so sorry you had to endure this".

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