Shawn Michaels Praises Adam Cole And Johnny Gargano

Jitendra Jangir Fri Jul 10, 2020
Shawn Michaels Praises Adam Cole And Johnny Gargano
WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels got to appear on Español's El Brunch de WWE show this week in an Instagram video chat and talk about which NXT Superstar reminds him of himself.

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Michaels said, "I think Adam Cole has aspects of that, I think Johnny does as well. Once again, I probably, it's nothing new, but very similar qualities".

I think both Adam and Johnny have similar qualities in their style, and the way they work, that I did".

He added, "I just think they're both more talented than I was, and more charismatic in some respects, as well.", he said.

As we know Adam Cole and Keith Lee fought off at The Great American Bas Night 2 of NXT episode, Adam Cole lost the match as well as NXT CHampionship to Keith Lee. Johhny Gargano had his match against Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott which he won at easy stake.

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