Spoiler For Dominick Vs. Seth Rollins At WWE Backlash

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jun 02, 2020
Spoiler For Dominick Vs. Seth Rollins At WWE Backlash
Rollins is a man of scripture so---an eye for an eye, Dominick said this during the addressing of Rey Mysterio's Retirement Ceremony.

These strong words now has taken a long way for the spoilers to be game for Seth Rollins Vs. Dominick at WWE Backlash. If' this one happens then there is no one to make you blow up with this match.

According to the rumors Dominick is supposed to make his in-ring debut against Seth Rollins at WWE Backlash. Dominick has appeared at several occasions more likely to make the save for his dad. The recent dispute can't be forgotten between Brock Lesnar Vs. Rey Mysterio at Survivor Series in a No Holds Barred match where he also made his hands for Rey. However, Rey could not bring the victory, thus, Brock went on to retain the title.

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ALso read the full retirement speech from Rey to Dominick.

We were back with Rey Mysterio's retirement Ceremony, Tom, Samoa Joe were there to ask him some questions regarding the earlier statement from Seth Rollins. Rey Mysterio joined them on the screen from his home.

Rey updated us that he is still recovering from eye injury and said "He doesn't know. He could be cleared to return in a few weeks or he could never get cleared. He definitely wants to give an answer, we just don't know yet but it has been a question he's been thinking about for some time.

Joe asked him if he wants to dig his eyes on Seth Rollins' retirement ceremony for him tonight, Rey said "Rollins carries a lot of negativity to be a Messiah and for Rollins to say Rey was chosen as a sacrifice is just wrong. he wasn't chosen by some higher power. Rollins tried sidelining him".

We were joined by Rey's son Dominick who made the hard statement on Seth Rollins. He said "something needs to be done, something by a member of this family", Rey held him back. "Rollins is full of a bunch of BS and we both know that", Rey made the official statement and said damn Rollins for everything he's put Rey and his family through. Rey's family helplessly watched as Rollins jammed his eye into the steel steps.

Rey made it cleared that "I wasn't chosen by some higher power. Rollins made a clear decision to try and BLIND me!"

Rey walked off but Dominic was still there digging his eyes on the camera. Dominick said "Rollins is a man of scripture so---an eye for an eye. Dominic went off from there with this saying.

This looks to make an interesting turn at WWE Backlash, it is so that we could get to see Seth Rollins Vs. Dominic At WWE Backlash.

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