Spoiler For Friday Night SmackDown, Lacey Evans And Sasha Banks Square Off Toight

Anfostar Team Wed Feb 12, 2020
 Spoiler For Friday Night SmackDown, Lacey Evans And Sasha Banks Square Off Toight
Welcome to Anfostar_Lacey Evans and Sasha Banks are possibly set to break out another feud when they go one-on-one tonight on SmackDown. The match between both the superstar has gone through the restriction for the twice. prior to Royal Rumble, Sasha Banks set about their match but instantly we got sighted backstage that Lacey Evans, Sasha Banks, and Bayley were taking the complete rampage before having their match on the same night immediately the referee came out to isolate them. The rampage caused Sasha Banks in an ankle injury. Henceforth the match was repaced with Bayley where Lacey Evans Defeated Bayley.

The feud prevailed between two of the superstars when Sasha Banks mocked at Evans’ family, including her 7-year-old daughter since then Lacey was trying to find the way out to vanquish over Sasha Banks but the chance like this did not appear for her. Earlier we saw Sasha Banks made her appearance on WWE After The Bell where he said taking the point about Lacey Evans_The evil role model, terrible mother, Lacey Evans tripped me and hut my ankle. I am a person that always wants to be 125%, but right now I am 100%, I am taking my time to come back better than ever.

While at the hand, Lacey Evans did not take a long to reply with a solid and power-packed answer, she said _What hair are you coming back with this time? Either color....I'll be here with my kid on my hip ready to whoop your A$$.

below is the full tweet

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