Spoilers For WWE Intercontinental Championship Winner

Jitendra Jangir Sat May 23, 2020
Spoilers For WWE Intercontinental Championship Winner
We are at the last two standing points to get our new WWE Intercontinental Champion. The time and place are set with Sammies on the line next week on SmackDown. Now, we are hanging up with our two semi-finalists including AJ Styles Vs. Elias and Daniel Bryan Vs. Jeff Hardy.

Sheamus was although on a good iteration to win the match but at the spur of the time Jeff Hardy would roll him up to win the match. AJ Styles has also advanced on Nakamura and now he is game to face off Elias Next week on SmacKDown.

Now, you might be conceiving taking up the winner for Intercontinental Championship as it falls vacant for the time being. Well, we will strive to provide you the apt winner with accurate rumors.

Recently, WWE slated a brand-to-brand invitation to beef up the promotion in which we saw Baron Corbin Colliding with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre on Raw, Charlotte Flair has, however, made her appearance on three of the WWE's brands and now, we stated AJ Styles being the part of IC Tournament.

In case if you might have forgotten then I would like to put you on the consideration that a superstar has only 4 consents to make their other brand appearance once in a year.

AJ Styles could make his IC Tournament run with what he has consented but WWE has new-formed planes taking up with AJ Styles, possibly AJ Styles is planned to be the new In Intercontinental Champion that's why WWE extended his iteration to SmackDown with a newly released announcement which says that AJ Styles has officially been drafted to SmackDown for future considerations.

SmackDown is running on low recently with biggies out of action, such as Roman Reigns, The Usos, John Cena, Bray Wyatt who also makes a random appearance and look he is not even scheduled for WWE Backlash and so on. So to make it in the consideration AJ Styles could be the best reason to lift up the momentum for SmackDown for upcoming days.

So, the spoilers and our considerations say that It would be Jeff Hardy Vs. AJ Styles at WWE Backlash with AJ Styles bring out as the new Intercontinental Champion.

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