Stories related to Jagannath Temple

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Stories related to Jagannath Temple
Stories related to Jagannath Temple

According to the traditional legend associated with the origin of this temple, the original idol of Lord Jagannath, made of indranil or sapphire, was found under an agaru tree. It was so dazzling, that Dharma wanted to hide it under the earth.

Malwa King Indradyumna had seen this idol in his dream. Then he did severe penance and then Lord Vishnu told him to go to the beach of Puri and he would get a daaru (wooden) stick. He should get the idol made from the same wood.

The king did the same and he also got the wooden stick. The king then had Vishnu and Vishwakarma appear before him as carpenters and sculptors.

But he put a condition that he would get the idol ready in a month, but till then he would remain locked in a room and the king or anyone else should not enter that room. On the last day of the month, when there was no sound for several days, the king peeped into the room out of curiosity and the old artisan opened the door and came out and told the king that the idols were still incomplete, their hands were not yet made.

On the king's regret, the sculptor told that all this happened due to divine will and these idols will be worshiped after being established like this. Then the same three idols of Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra were installed in the temple.

It is believed in the Charan tradition that the half-burnt bodies of Lord Dwarkadhish had come here, which were burnt on the sea shore after giving up their lives in Prachi (Kishanji, Balbhadra and Shubhadra with Tino) but as soon as the sea was in spate, all three were halfway.

The burnt body was carried away, that body came out in Puri, the king of Puri kept the three bodies in different chariots (if they had come alive, they would have been in one chariot, but the bodies were kept in separate chariots) People in the whole city He himself dragged the chariots and in the end the liquor wood that came swimming with the dead bodies made a box and dedicated it to Mother Earth, even today the tradition is followed but very few people know this fact, mostly People believe it to be the same as God had come here alive, it is also mentioned in the handprints of Guru Pujya Dolatdan Bapu of Charan Jagdamba Sonal I.

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