Story of Kedarnath Temple

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Story of Kedarnath Temple
Story of Kedarnath Temple

The history of the establishment of this Jyotirlinga in a nutshell is that Mahatapasvi Nar and Narayan Rishi used to do penance on the Kedar Shrunga of Himalayas.

Pleased with his worship, Lord Shankar appeared and according to his prayer granted him the boon to reside forever in the form of Jyotirlinga. This place is situated on the ridge called Kedar of the Kedarnath mountain range Himalayas.

The story of Panchkedar is believed to be such that after being victorious in the war of Mahabharata, the Pandavas wanted to get rid of the sin of fraternal murder.

For this he wanted to get the blessings of Lord Shankar, but he was angry with them. The Pandavas went to Kashi to have darshan of Lord Shankar, but they did not meet him there. They reached the Himalayas searching for them.

Lord Shankar did not want to give darshan to the Pandavas, so he disappeared from there and settled in Kedar. On the other hand, the Pandavas were also determined to persevere, they followed them and reached Kedar.

By then Lord Shankar took the form of a bull and joined other animals. The Pandavas were suspicious. Therefore, Bhima took his huge form and spread his legs on two mountains. All the other cows and bulls left, but Shankar ji was not ready to go from under the feet of the bull.

Bhima pounced on this bull forcefully, but the bull began to concentrate on the ground. Then Bhima grabbed the part of the triangular back of the bull. Lord Shankar was pleased to see the devotion and determination of the Pandavas.

He immediately freed the Pandavas from their sins by giving darshan. Since that time Lord Shankar is worshiped in Shri Kedarnath in the form of the body of the bull's back. It is believed that when Lord Shankar disappeared in the form of a bull, the part above his torso appeared in Kathmandu.

Now there is the famous temple of Pashupatinath. The arms of Shiva appeared in Tunganath, Mukha Rudranath, Nabhimadmaheshwar and Jatakalpeshwar. Therefore, with these four places, Shri Kedarnath is called Panchkedar. Here are the grand temples of Shiva.

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