Story of Khatu Shyam Baba..... Khatu shyam Ji

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Story of Khatu Shyam Baba..... Khatu shyam Ji
Story of Khatu Shyam Baba.....

There is a famous temple of Shri Khatu Shyam ji in Sikar district of Rajasthan. Although there is no count of devotees of Khatu Shyam Baba, but especially the business class like Vaishya, Marwari are in large numbers. Who was Shyam Baba, know about his birth and life character in this article.

The real name of Khatu Shyam ji is Barbarik. According to a story from Mahabharata, the head of Barbarika was buried in Khatu city of Rajasthan state. That is why the name of Barbarik ji became famous as Khatu Shyam Baba. Presently Khatunagar is known as Sikar district. Khatu Shyam Baba ji is considered as an incarnation of Lord Krishna in Kali Yuga.

Shyam Baba is the son of Ghatotkach and Nagkanya Nag Kanya Maurvi. The most powerful of the five Pandavas were the grandparents of Bhima and his wife Hidimba Barbarik. It is said that at the time of birth, Barbarik's hair was like a Babbar lion, hence he was named Barbarik. Let us know the story of how Barbarik got the name Shyam Baba.

Barbarik was a brave and brilliant child in his childhood. Barbarik had acquired proficiency by learning martial arts and skills from Lord Krishna and his mother Mauravi. Barbarik had done severe penance for Lord Shiva, as a result of which Lord Shiva gave three miraculous arrows to Barbarik. For this reason, the name of Barbarik is also famous as three arrows.

Lord Agnidev had given a divine bow to Barbarik, from which he was able to conquer all the three worlds.

When Barbarik got information about the war between Kauravas and Pandavas, he also decided to participate in the war.

Barbareek left with his mother's blessings and promised to support the defeated side. It is because of this word that this talk of the loser's support, Baba Shyam Hamara, became famous.

When Barbareek was going, he found a Brahmin on the way. This brahmin was none other than Lord Krishna who wanted to test Barbarik. Shri Krishna, who became a Brahmin, asked Barbarik that he is going to fight with only 3 arrows? How can one fight a war with just 3 arrows? Barbarik said that his only arrow is capable of destroying the enemy army and even after that the arrow will not be destroyed but will come back to his quiver. Therefore, if all three arrows are used, then the entire world can be destroyed.

The Brahmin pointed to a peepal tree to Barbarik and asked him to pierce all the leaves of the tree with one arrow. Barbareek left an arrow after meditating on God. That arrow pierced all the leaves of Peepal and after that the arrow started spinning around the feet of Krishna, who became a Brahmin.

Actually Krishna had hidden a leaf under his foot. Barbarik understood that the arrow was going round the Brahmin's feet to pierce the same leaf. Barbarik said - O Brahmin, remove your foot, otherwise it will pierce your foot.

Shri Krishna was pleased with the valor of Barbarik. He asked from which side Barbarik would fight. Barbarik said that he has fixed a side to fight, he will just fight on behalf of the defeated side according to his promise. Hearing this, Shri Krishna became engrossed because the Kauravas knew about this word of Barbarik. The Kauravas had planned that on the first day of the war they would fight with a lesser army. Due to this Kauravas will start defeating in the war, due to which Barbarika will come to fight on the side of Kauravas. If Barbarika fights on the side of Kauravas, then his miraculous arrows will destroy the Pandavas.

To thwart the plans of the Kauravas, Krishna, who became a Brahmin, asked Barbarik to promise to give a donation. Barbarik promised to donate. Now the Brahmin told Barbarik that he wanted Barbarik's head in charity. Hearing the demand for this unique donation, Barbarika was surprised and understood that this Brahmin was not an ordinary person. Barbarik prayed that he would definitely donate his head as per the given promise, but first Brahmadev should appear in his real form.

Lord Krishna appeared in his true form. Barbarik said that O God, I am committed to give my head, but I have a desire to see the war with my own eyes. Shri Krishna Barbareek pleased with the commitment of Barbareek blessed him to fulfill his wish. Barbarik cut off his head and gave it to Krishna. Shri Krishna irrigated Barbarik's head with nectar by 14 goddesses and placed it on a hill near the battlefield, from where Barbarik could see the scene of the battle. After this, Krishna cremated the torso of Barbarik by the scriptural method.

The great war of Mahabharata ended and the Pandavas were victorious. After the victory, there was a debate among the Pandavas that to which warrior the credit for this victory goes. Shri Krishna said – Since Barbarika has been a witness to this war, the answer to this question should be known from him. Then Paramveer Barbarik said that the credit for the victory of this war goes to Shri Krishna alone, because all this became possible only due to the excellent strategy of Shri Krishna. Everything behind the victory was the illusion of Shri Krishna.

With this truthful word of Barbarik, the gods showered flowers on Barbareek and started singing his praises. Shri Krishna was very pleased with the greatness of Veer Barbarik and he said – O Veer Barbarik, you are great. As a result of my blessings from today you will be famous by my name Shyam. In Kaliyuga you will be worshiped in the form of Krishna avatar and will fulfill the wishes of your devotees.

The word of Lord Shri Krishna was proved and today we also see that Lord Shri Khatu Shyam Baba ji continues to shower his blessings on his devotees. Baba Shyam becomes the support of the loser according to his word. That is why the one who has been harassed by the whole world, if he takes and remembers the names of Baba Shyam with a true heart, then his welfare is definitely achieved. The glory of Shri Khatu Shyam Baba is unmatched, the faithful request that Baba Shyam shower his blessings on his devotees in the same way.

Jay shree shyam Stay tuned

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