Tamina And Lacey Evans Vs. Sasha Banks And Bayley Full Recap

Jitendra Jangir Sat May 09, 2020
Tamina And Lacey Evans Vs. Sasha Banks And Bayley Full Recap
Tamina And Lacey Evans defeated Sasha Banks And Bayley in Tag-Team Match.

Sasha Banks and Bayley walked down the ring. Tamina Snuka and Lacey Evans also joined them in the ring. The Bail rang, Bayley had some talk with Sasha Banks regarding the match and who will take on first. Bayley and Tamina kicked the thing off as for the first. Tamina Snuka with a massive Powerbomb on Bayley and sent her out of the ring.

Bayley looked to have a break as Lacey Evans blocked them. Lacey Evans took her hands-on Sasha Bank and Tamina Snuka caught Baley From the top of the head from the ring. Tamina ran some shots on Bayley and again sent her out of the ring.

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After the break, Lacey Evans was landing the charge on Sasha Bank at the top of the apron, Lacey dragged Sasha into the turnbuckle and herself climbed at the top of the ring post. Bayley with a distractive call allowing Sasha to take the advantage.

Sasha Bank made the tag with Bayley who lit up the momentum for a while as Lacey rolled through to make the tag with Tamina. Bayley moved to take out Tamina but she instead had blow shot. Tamina sent Bayley out of the ring. Tamina followed her to take her back in the ring. Tamina climbed at the top of the ring to jump at Bayley.

Tamina was going to get the thing for completion but the distraction from Sasha Bank as she drove her through the apron. Bayley took advantage of driving the shots on Tamina. Sasha Banks also joined her though which forced Lacey to come inside the ring and then having Women's Right on Sasha Banks. Bayley, although took her, shot Lacey sending her out but at another side, Tamina caught Bayley with Samaoe Drop to win the match.

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