The Bellas Praises Total Bellas 5 Team, Sasha Banks Puts On Inspiration Look With Bellas T-shirt

Jitendra Jangir Fri Apr 03, 2020
The Bellas Praises Total Bellas 5 Team, Sasha Banks Puts On Inspiration Look With Bellas T-shirt
Welcome to Anfostar)-As we know Total Bellas is returning tonight for Season 5. The show will kick off where it finished off last time. The show took an ending with Bella dating Artem Chigvintsev and Brie working for “Baby Number Two” with husband Daniel Bryan.

The show will feature some of the more emotional sections as Nikki & Brie reconnect with their unaffectionate father while writing their memoirs, Nikki helps Artem to leave off “Dancing With the Stars,” and Brie and Bryan proceed to work with their phenomena: work-life understanding in their marriage"

The Bella Twins took to her Instagram to say a heartfelt thanks to the whole Total Bellas 5 team and say it was not possible to make the show come closer to the audience. She said "This season of @totalbellas has been like a revamp, a brand new show, my favourite season yet! You’ll see it so much in the cinematography and the overall work alone. I was so beyond grateful to have this amazing production team this season! So grateful to have such a strong, intelligent, creative, hilarious, bad ass showrunner @ametzy this season! Never will let her go lol She truly helped bring @thebriebella and I’s passion and vision to life".

"She kept pushing us beyond our comfort zone with so much compassion. This season is raw, real, funny, loving, and just wild! We couldn’t have done it without this amazing team that works around the clock for us while we are in season. They brought so much passion and hard work! Thank you @totalbellas 5 team! We miss you! We love you!".

earlier we say Shasha Banks putting her twitter on the line to leave a photo of herself with Bellas twins T-shirt including the caption "Check out my new post on IG of today’s inspiration look. @BellaTwins In honor of the new season of @totalbellas kicking off tonight at 9/8c only on E.

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