The Biggest Glitch Between Mandy Rose And Otis's Valentine's Day Revealed On SmackDown

Jitendra Jangir Sat Apr 04, 2020
The Biggest Glitch Between Mandy Rose And Otis's Valentine's Day Revealed On SmackDown
Otis has got the back from Mandy Rose as she has gone through an unseen conspiracy, done by her own friends just to make their own love come to real. Last night we saw Dolph Ziggler got the defeat from Tucker after the referee officially called out the match but what happened next was positively staggering from the everyone's point of view.

We saw Dolph Ziggler slammed a few more Steel hit on Tucker which insisted Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville come out in the ring to stop Ziggler from doing so. Otis also walked out in the ring to bring help for his friend but one thing which blew away everyone's breath was the biggest glitch on the screen from an unknown person who revealed the actual truth behind Mandy Rose and Otis Valentine's Day date.

The message popped on the big screen "Truth Will Be Heard" a man behind the camera from the production control room, playing security camera Valentine's Day video. The video shows Rose and Deville backstage talking about Otis and their date that night. Rose said, "Otis is big, but he's super sweet".

Deville goes to supports the date. Rose walked out and that sensed an opportunity for Deville to pick up her phone and then We see Deville sending the shameful text message to Otis. We also saw Otis texting her back and conspiring thing came out when the camera showed Deville deleting the texts from Otis.

We also saw Dolph Ziggler and Devlin conspiring against Mandy Rose and Otis just to make their love come to perfect shape. Davlin now started to plead from Mandy Rose and tried to explain the whole situation but it was just a scrap which opened up Mandy Rose's eyes to not listen them again.

Also note that Dolph Ziggler will be facing off Otis at WrestleMania.

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