The Fiend Bray Wyatt Comments on John Cena in an Interview

Anfostar Team Fri Aug 28, 2020
The Fiend Bray Wyatt Comments on John Cena in an Interview
John Cena's popularity in the WWE and arround the World is so much that many of the Wrestlers dream to reaching him. There have been a lot of superstars in WWE but there are few wrestlers who have made a mark with their work and in this list, John Cena is the most popular superstar after The Rock.

If we talk about Bray Wyatt, then he too have created his own identity with his work that's why in the WWE Universe, many people also call him the second Undertaker.

Recently the Universal Champion spoke to ESPN and shared his experience with John Cena. He said that he respects John Cena so much.

See here what he said about john

John Cena is a very lovely person. What should I say about him John Cena is quite a good person. He was here before he became the star of the film and was a big superstar. He was tremendous in WWE. John Cena is a person who knows how to respect for which he gets respect from others. They always think ahead. I believe that John Cena is a great superstar and the record he has made is very much for me and my legacy.

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