The Fiend Bray Wyatt defeats Daniel Bryan to retains his Universal Championship

Anfostar Team Tue Mar 31, 2020
The Fiend Bray Wyatt defeats Daniel Bryan to retains his Universal Championship
Welcome to Anfostar, It was a Universal Championship Strap match Between Daniel Brayan and The Fiend. We were shown the past stories of what went through between both of them. Daniel Bryan made his way out in the ring, fans started chanting for Daniel Bryan. Music hit and it came down The Fined Bray Wyatt in the ring. The lights turned out to be red in the entire area as he entered the ring.

They both were introduced by the commentators, both looked at each other in a very aggressive way, bothe the competitors were taken to bind the Strap. Daniel went onto attack The Fined but Fined pushed him back in the middle of the ring and hit the strap on Daniel back to back.

Daniel Bryan was taken out of the ring where The Fined bumped him through the ring post. He took him back in the ring as he was in the helpless condition. The Fined continued to agonize Daniel by hitting the Strap. Daniel got hanged on the ring post and The fiend went on to take advantage by hitting the strap on his chest. Daniel Bryan tried to get back in the form when he had made the connection with the front kicks on The Fiend.

Daniel got fired and launched a knee breaker on The Fiend. The fiend was out of the ring where he was taken down by Daniel Bryan when he jumped from the top rope.

The Fiend came back in the mist and put him through the announce table but he was instead got DDT by Daniel Bryan, he took the shot of Strap on The Fined as Bray did the same on Daniel. Finally, they were in the ring, Daniel made yes hits on The Fiend but Bray Wyatt got up in a sudden manner he looked that nothing could break him down.

Daniel went to hit more Strap on The Fined, Daniel went prepared to launch Knee Breaker but The Fiend gave a sudden blow of Sister Abigail. he went for the cover but Daniel broke out with two counts. Daniel went for the submission move by using the Strap around his mouth somehow Brya Wyatt got away from it.

Daniel hit the knee breaker for the second time and went for the cover to make only two counts. Danel with yes moment it looked that he was going to complete the way out for The Fiend But Fined suddenly got at the middle of the ring and pinned Daniel to win the match.

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