The Forgotten Sons Stacked Their Victory Against The New Day

Jitendra Jangir Sat May 02, 2020
The Forgotten Sons Stacked Their Victory Against The New Day
Steve Cutler, Jaxson Ryker and Wesley Blake brawled against The SmackDown Tag-Team Champions The New Day and they got their victory at no cost.

Read below what happened in the match.

The New Day entered the ring for their match against The Forgotten Sons. We saw The Miz & Morisson entering the ring. Big-E controlled everything taking out the whole group of The Forgotten Sons at the ring and then out of the ring. While Miz and Morisson continued to watch them down and sending the disrespect for The New Day. Forgotten Sons teamed up to take out Big-E who was still in the ring carrying out the ring on his back.

Big-E with a Spine onto the apron and made the tag with Kofi Kingstone who blew up Forgotten Sons back and forth. Koffi rolled through while jumping from the top of the ring post, The Forgotten Sons with Double-T on Kofi and went for the cover but Kofi kicked out at two. Big-E and Kofi sent The Forgotten Sons out of the ring and then Kofi dumped down at The Forgotten Sons.

The New Day chased them but this time Forgotten Sons caught them to blew out the match. They were back in the ring to pick their best against The New Day. Finally, The Forgotten Sons had Double T to win the match.

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