The New Day & Shorty G Vs. Mojo, Nakamura, Cesaro Full Recap( Jun, 5, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Sat Jun 06, 2020
The New Day & Shorty G Vs. Mojo, Nakamura, Cesaro Full Recap( Jun, 5, 2020)
The Match set up for the ring when we found Mojo disrupting Shorty G in an interview. Mojo then was joined by Nakamura, Cesaro and they started hard-hitting on Shorty G. The New Day would come to make the save. WWE turned this feud into a Six-man Tag-Team match later on the night.

Way back to the ring with The New Day and Shorty G into the ring to face off Nakamura, Cesaro and Mojo. Cesaro and Shorty G kicked the things off, Cesaro with some of his moves, Shorty G with a quick tag to Big E, Cesaro also had the tag to Mojo but Big E did not let anyone cause the offense. He made the tag with Kofi Kingston who with a way up to the ring rope to have jump on Nakamura, Kofi Kingston launched a Suicide dive on Nakamura in which he went on to injure his left leg, Mojo took the advantage by blowing him with a massive running shoulder.

Commercial Break*

Back from the break, Cesaro was having the control on Kofi Kingston, Cesaro changed the tag with Mojo who ran rough on Kofi, Mojo went for another offense but this time Kofi blocked the lock to bring Shorty G in the match. Shory G way up to the top rope to dash down Mojo.

Cesaro joined the ring to make the distraction, they were up to make the destruction on Shorty G. Meanwhile, The New Day joined them into the ring, Shorty G let Kofi Kingston make his way into the ring.

Shorty G and Big E blocked Cesaro and Nakamura to come out into the ring, Kofi with his move for the cover to win the match.

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