The New Day(c) & Luch House Party Vs. The Forgotten Sons and The Miz & Morrison Full Recap

Jitendra Jangir Sat May 09, 2020
The New Day(c) & Luch House Party Vs. The Forgotten Sons and The Miz & Morrison Full Recap
The Forgotten Sons and The Miz & Morrison defeated The New Day(c) & Luch House Party in an 8-Man Tag-Team Matchup.

Kofi Kingstone and The Miz started the things off, The Miz with chief shots on Kofi, taking him through the turnbuckle to drive some shots, the referee held him back but The Miz continued to do so which enraged The New Day to come into the ring. All the teams fought all over the ring. The New Day sent The Forgotten Sons and The Miz & Morrison out of the ring, Luch House Party launched over the top of the ring.

After the break, Big-E was in the ring taking rough shots on The Forgotten Sons, Big-E with Power Splash on The Forgotten Sons, and then gave the chance to Lucha House Party with a tag. Lunch House Party drove some shots and let Kofi come into the ring.

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The Forgotten Sons also headed for the tag with The Miz, he took on Kofi Kingstone everywhere through the ring. They all made a massive blow on Kofi Kingstone coming one by one in the ring. Kofi felt under the hard circumstance to make the tag with his teammates. Kofi hardly made a chance but did not work well as he was taken out of the ring. The Forgotten Sons launched on Kofi over the top rope.

After the commercial break, The Miz was still getting his dominance on Kofi, The Miz tagged with Morrison who landed a Superkick on Kofi, He went for the tag but kicked out at two.

After a little break, The Lucha House Party shook The Forgotten Sons and The Miz & Morrison with their moves on Morrison. They tried everything they could go through to win the match, once they caught Morrison under their move but Morrison broke the cover. Morrison had the back from The Forgotten Sons.

The New Day also had the back for Lucha House Party but did not seem to help as they were taken out of the ring again. And finally, Morrison would prepare for Starship, Lucha House Party retreated but The Miz instead launched a Skull-Crushing Finale to win the match.

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