The Official Confirms Shad Gaspard Death At 39, Body Found On Venice Beach

Jitendra Jangir Wed May 20, 2020
The Official Confirms Shad Gaspard Death At 39, Body Found On Venice Beach
As it was uncovered by L.A. County coroner's office that they have identified a body that washed ashore in Venice Beach as Shad Gaspard.

According to the official L.A. County Coroner that Early Wednesday, the Los Angeles Police Department said an unidentified male washed ashore in Venice Beach around 1:30 a.m., just days after Gaspard was lost at sea following the rescue of his son.

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On May 17, 2020, Gaspard and his son were among a group of swimmers caught in a strong rip current at Marina del Rey beach in Venice Beach, California. Gaspard's son was pulled from the water while Gaspard disappeared underwater. After searching 70 square nautical miles, the U.S Coast Guard suspended efforts to locate Gaspard.

The rescue was still under the process but there was no tune in his search. Spectators reported that Gaspard asked the lifeguards to rescue his son first. After, rescuing his son, soon after another wave swept him away which shows that he might have drowned.

Now the official has confirmed that the body matched the description of Sunday's missing swimmer was found with the similar match of Gaspard's body.

As you can the full statement from a spokesman with the Los Angeles County Fire Department giving a description as an African American male, 6 feet 6 inches tall, and over 240 pounds.

The Officials said the body was located less than a mile away from where crews attended rescue efforts on Sunday.

On Wednesday morning around 1:30 p.m., two people who were walking along the shoreline discovered a body and called 911.

Shad Gaspard was best known for his time with WWE, where he teamed with his partner JTG as a member of Cryme Tyme under his real name. Gaspard has pursued an acting career that has included several roles in films and television series like Think Like a Man Too, Get Hard, The Game, and From Dusk till Dawn: The Series.

Now, he has taken the leave from this very world of living at 39

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