The Rock Reacts On Roman Reigns Working Out In GYM

Jitendra Jangir Sun Jul 19, 2020
The Rock Reacts On Roman Reigns Working Out In GYM
The Rock obviously puts some music on while having himself working out in GYM and the little bit of advice he gave to Roman Reigns when he shared a post Putting In Work During Time Off From WWE.

Roman Reigns used the caption, "Shoulders week 1 #Y3T. Seated Side Laterals, Rep range 12-16. Definitely getting stronger and building muscle but not quite where I want to be. The grind continues as I follow this fitness Journey/Lifestyle. Hope this finds everyone well and in good health. Shout out to Coach @neil_yoda_hill1, wishing u a speedy recovery my friend! Stay safe and God bless!"

In making a reply, The Rock responded, "This post makes me very proud! I know that gym is wired for amazing sound, so turn some MF’n music on!!!".

Below you can find out the detail.

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns is currently out of in-ring action due to the Leukemia battle that is resisting him to go out wrestling in such a critical world crisis.

As noted Roman Reigns is scheduled to be back on Summerslam, but could have some hurdles to face due to coronavirus. If COVID-19 continues to spread then it won't be possible for Roman Reigns to be in WWE.

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