The Rock Reveals His Wrestling Mount Rushmore In A Q&A On Instagram

Anfostar Team Mon Mar 30, 2020
The Rock Reveals His Wrestling Mount Rushmore In A Q&A On Instagram
Welcome to Anfostar_ *I just smelt what The Rock is cooking, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was in the completion to do a Q&A on Instagram and revealed who he would like to make four of his wrestling Mount Rushmore, including Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and the fourth which kept on the skip because it was too obstinate for him to pick between legends like Buddy Rodgers, Bruno Sammartino, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, and Dusty Rhodes.

The Rock went for the reason for why he has chosen them to be his pick for Wrestling Mount Rushmore.

"You always want to pick people who have had the most impact on the wrestling business, who have moved the bottom line, but also most importantly, they just have this intangible, this X-factor, where they can connect with the crowd and connect with an audience," as for the explanation "And the bottom line is with those three individuals that I mentioned...Hogan, Austin, and Flair, they really moved the company's bottom line, They moved the NWA's bottom line, the WWF and the WWE's bottom line".

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He said, "In terms of drawing power, these were the biggest draws in the history of professional wrestling and that's all that matters,". You can have 15 world titles and 27 other kinds of titles that you have nowadays, but the bottom line is how strong can you draw, and are you selling arenas out and are you breaking records. Really, that's the bottom line, and those three guys have. I think Sammartino did for a very long time. Bob Backlund had an incredible run too as well."

Lastly, he revealed that "Where am I on Mount Rushmore? I would say I'm on the back of Mount Rushmore,". He further said "That's the part you don't see. I'm on the back all by myself and I'm raising my eyebrow and 'If you smell!' and I'm doing all that. That's me on the back."

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