The Street Profits Vs. The Viking Raiders Full Match Coverage

Jitendra Jangir Tue May 05, 2020
The Street Profits Vs. The Viking Raiders Full Match Coverage
The Street Profits(c)(Angelo Dawkins, Montez Ford) entered the ring to face off The Viking Raiders.

The Viking Raiders ran the shots on The Street Profits in order to get the quick win in the match. Ivar took on Montez Ford at the middle of the ring. Montez Ford tried to counter back but Ivar would send him into the turnbuckle to let Erick come in for the explosion. Erick came into the ring in the try to set some kicks but Montez Ford would fight back to make the tag with Angelo Dawkins who launched a Bull Dog on Eric as he was up to take from his team.

Angelo Dawkins was having the complete domination on Erick as he held him in the grip of arms. He let Montez Ford come in to take on Erick. He continued to be in the same destruction. Somehow, Erick made the tag with Ivar who brought some relief for Erick. Angelo Dawkins was completely taken under the control.

The show continued between the tags. Meanwhile, The Street Profits had a Duble DDT on Ivar and then move for cover but kicked out at two. The Street Profits were at the lead in the halfway of the match. The Street Profits had another move to take up the cover but Erick quickly came back in the ring to break the cover. Finally, The Viking Raiders had their move to win the match

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