The Street Profits defeats Seth Rollins and Murphy to become the new Raw Tag Team Champions

Anfostar Team Tue Mar 03, 2020
The Street Profits defeats Seth Rollins and Murphy to become the new Raw Tag Team Champions
Welcome to Anfostar_It was a Now or Never Tag Team Championship Match between The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) and Seth Rollins & Murphy in which The Street Profits defeated Seth Rollins & Murphy and became the new Raw Tag-team champions.

Below is the full detail of the match

The Street Profits entered the ring to pick their "Now or Never match" against Seth Rollins and Murphy. It was the final opportunity for The Street Profits to win the championship otherwise they would not work for Raw Tag-Team Championship. Seth Rollins and Murphy entered the ring along with AOP. Seth and Murphy headed to the ring leaving AOP on the ramp. Seth and Murphy attacked The Sreet Profit without having the official call in the line. The Stree Profits handled the situation by kicking both of them out of the ring and Montez Ford attempted to jump down on Seth Rollins and Murphy but he was caught in the air and Seth Rollins and Murphy slammed him to the ring post.

After the match, Montez Ford took the complete rampage on Seth Rollins with Cross Body and then DDT for the cover but he kicked out at two. Seth Rollins came back into the action by blowing The Street Profits. Murphy tried to help out Seth Rollins but instead went on to hit his own teammate with Superkick. The Street Profits were in the attack now, kicking out each of them.

Montez Ford went on the top of the ring post but Seth Rollins pushed Montez Ford on the ground and called AOP to come for the destruction. The referee resisted AOP from the ring, meanwhile, Kevin Owens came from behind to appley structure and left the ring following AOP behind him. Montez Ford took the advantage to hit High behind on Seth Rollins to win the match and became the new Champions.

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