The Undertaker returns WWE Super ShowDown to win the Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet Match

Anfostar Team Thu Feb 27, 2020
The Undertaker returns WWE Super ShowDown to win the Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet Match
Earlier we saw that R-Truth eliminated up to three of his opponents and then the entry was followed by AJ Styles who became the reason to eliminate R-truth. Rey Mysterio was supposed to be next but he could not make it to ring because of having taken down by The OC on Backstage and the story brought the sensation from the Undertaker's returns and he eliminated AJ to win the match.

Take a look at the full match

R-Truth started the match and he followed by Bobby Lashley with Lana. The bail rang and Bobby locked R-Truth into the tight grip, R-Truth made the way to hook off the hold and hit Bobby with his phenomenal stylist. It went for a while as Bobby had R-Truth into the barricade with a massive kick. The referee started the counts and Bobby himself went down to bring back R-Truth, Bobby with a massive Power Slam on R-Truth and covered R-Truth for the pin but he shocked Bobby as he broke up a tag. R-Truth took the match into his affection, Bobby Lashey prepared for the next move to R-Truth into the midsection but R-Truth swept the way to let Lashley hit the ring post. R-Truth went for the pin to eliminate Bobby Lashley.

After the elimination Bobby took the complete rage on R-Truth with massive Spear to take down the damages on R-Truth.

The elimination followed Andrade into the ring, who did not let work off even a little as he hit the knees into the ring post, R-Truth got injured by the left shoulder and that took the advantage for Andrade to make the focus on injury. Truth tried to return in the match but Andrade did not let him do so. Truth was bleeding from cheeks. Andrade tried Hammer-Lock DDT on Truth but it was blocked by Truth.

Andrade pointed at his knee to hit Truth but he was blinded to hit the ring post by nowhere and he straight went falling out of the ring. R-Truth got back into the action blocking Andrade form kicking the knee and he fell down on Andrade for the pin to eliminate Andrade.

The elimination brought Erick Rowan into the match who splashed Truth into the ring post than an elbow into the midsection. Truth backed down Rowan to come back into the action. Truth threw Erick out of the ring and himself jumped back on Rowan to take him down. Erick was in the action as he hit Truth into the Steel chairs and that's how Erick was disqualified in the match.

R-Truth was laying into the midsection where he followed by AJ Styles for the next opponent into the match, AJ came by setting off the ring, Truth was barely able to get up. Aj disguised Truth's style to hit him, he had the beam over Truth as he continued to mark boost for Truth. AJ was focused on the left leg of Truth with ham strang on Truth. Aj eliminated Truth using the submission move.

The music hit for Rey Mysterio but he did not appear in the ring, the video was shown The O.C. beating down Rey backstage. AJ Styles pointed out to be the winner. He asked the referee to raise his hands but he did not do it and he went to the side of the announcer to ring the bailThere was the announcement that the Referee will count till 10 if Rey does not make then AJ Styles will be the winner.

The Referee went on to count but suddenly we saw the big screen where someone took down The O.C. and it was the biggest reveal from The Undertaker.

The Undertaker headed towards the ring, AJ and The Undertaker confronted into the midsection, AJ asked for the complaint from the referee and he moved towards The Undertaker to hit him but The Undertaker launched Chockslame on AJ to win the match.

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