The Viking Raiders Vs. Andrade & Angel Garza Full Recap(June 29, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jun 30, 2020
The Viking Raiders Vs. Andrade & Angel Garza Full Recap(June 29, 2020)
We saw Big Show was into the ring, he had some words for Randy Orton. Meanwhile, he got the interruption from Zalina Vega, Andrade, and Angel Garza. They covered Big Show to beat him. The Music hit and Th Viking Raiders came up to make the save.

The brwle turned into a tag-team match, Ivar and Angel Garza were having to be in the ring to start off the game. Ivar was running rough on Angel Zarga not letting him get the tag with Andrade. Tag made and Erick entered the ring.

Erick left off Ivar and Luched him on Angel. Erick looked fro another move but this time, Angel escaped and made the tag with Andrade, Angel once again back into the ring, he had a superkick and left the ring and let Andrade cover him. Andrade went for the cover but kicked out at two.

Meanwhile, we saw Andrade and Angel had some trash talking, Andrade suddenly left the ring, apparently making a way out of the match. Zalina was right there to persuade him not to do so. We went for the commercial break.

Back from the break, as we saw Angel was having the rough shots on Erick, he made the tag with Andrade, this time Erick with Elbow stick on both the superstars, and immediately made the tag with Ivar who made some offense on both of them. Both the teams were into the ring, Erick left off Andrade and Angel to launch them into the middle of the ring.

Andrade and Angel once again took the lead into the match, Angel sent Ivar into the ring post. Andrade with knee stick to Erick, made the tag with Angel who later launched his move on Erick to win the match.

Winners : Andrade & Angel Garza, victory followed via pinfall

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