The former WWE Superstar Rusev Tests Positive For COVID-19

Jitendra Jangir Mon Jul 13, 2020
The former WWE Superstar Rusev Tests Positive For COVID-19
The former WWE Superstar Rusev Tested positive for COVID-19 as he relives it on his YouTube channel 'ToBeMiroTV'.

Also note that recently Lana's parents tested positive for COVID-19.

Rusev took to his YouTube and said, "You know, CJ's parents got COVID situation and her mom was in the hospital. Because she's got Asthma as well, so she went into the hospital and she's got put an oxygen and but all of you guys were so nice to us and you're saying your prayers and thoughts and thankfully through that, you know today she got released from the hospital. She's good to go home and rest there. She's still not out of the woods, but you know, the doctor thinks that if she's home".

"She'll recover quicker than that. Also, her dad got COVID as well. He's at home though. He's just weak. He's at home, and he doesn't feel good. He's weak and he lost a lot of weight and he asked me how to get his way in back and I send them some protein shakes and told him what to eat. So Bob is going to be mr. Nashville 2020. Get ready. He said he's really dedicated to get his way back. so you know, I thought you know, I had a little like, well not literally I had the loss of taste and smell and I decided to go and do a check of course because I'm a responsible Citizen and I when I got a check and I got my results right here. I printed it out for my phone because I was really confused from the beginning".

"I thought it was you know reading the test they could be really confusing. and as I said down and open and read and it says forces had detected then it says not detected 0 1. so I was reading it is detected, and then it says next to each other is not detected 0 1 so I thought yesterday. I mean I thought when I opened this I thought it was, you know clear. I thought I did not have the Comfort which was weird. And also it says if you have it somebody's going to call you so I didn't get no calls. But today I had a call from like New York area or whatever.

"So I said well, you know, I usually don't answer calls that. So that's why Or calls you and you got to pick up but you don't know that they're calling you about your test. So let's kind of tricky situation. But I did answer hello, you know and finally told me that my test was...I came positive. So all these the past two minutes and 15 seconds were semi will not waste it but was so I can tell you that I have COVID-19, I tested positive and Yeah, but the weirdest thing is I feel great don't like and I understand that people get hit differently, and I do love I did not lose my sense of you know smell and taste and now looking back at it. Maybe it wasn't at all".

"like tired for a couple of afternoons, but I thought you know just working out and stuff like that get too tired, but I should have no we're not like she was known I suspected something and when I got tested and it turns out there, you know, I'm positive. So now I have to sit at home. I'll be a lot more my twitch and I would making some more YouTube videos lucky for me. I have a gym at home. So, you know, my abs are going to keep up and help".

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