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Tommaso Ciampa shares his honest thought on Roman and Randy Orton in Survivor Series

Published on Mon Dec 09,2019 By Anfostar Team

Tommaso Ciampa goes behind the scene to share his honest thoughts on Roman Reigns and Randy Orton. He has been a phenomenal performer on the NXT stage by delivering multiple good activities as well as behavior. At Survivor Series he got a chance to compete against Smackdown And Raw. Afterward, he went behind the camera to share his thoughts about his dream opponent and dream mentor. Let's read out what Tommaso has to say about Roman Reigns and Randy Orton.

I don't know. It's cool I think..he for me personally has always been kind of a dream opponent, and Randy has always kind of been more like a dream mentor, just because we are so similar in style that I have always kind of envisioned he would be a great guy to just, he could take me under his wing or tag with him or something but either way, just the idea of sharing a stage with those two dudes and not to discredit anyone else in the match. It's just you know we all have our favorites or whatever it is.

Those the two guys for me that...If I get just get a couple of seconds in there with either one of them. If there is anything that can happen. It would be cool for me. It would be cool for my family too, man. I mean Dad and my brother are big fans, my cousins and...I mean, it's always just cool as for them as it is for me to see...Like, little brother or their son or whatever, just on this stage, it's wild.

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