Top 10 Monday Night Raw Moments ( April 20, 2020 ), Seth Rollins Accepts Drew McIntyre's Challenge

Jitendra Jangir Tue Apr 21, 2020
Top 10 Monday Night Raw Moments ( April 20, 2020 ), Seth Rollins Accepts Drew McIntyre's Challenge
We are just uncirculated by the upcoming WWE Money In The Bank event. The field is getting permeated by the time accordance. On the previous show of Monday Night Raw, MVP announced three Money In The Bank Ladder matches. According to the announcement, Alister Black took on Austin. Rey Mysterio took on Buddy Murphy. MVP himself put his match against Crews on the following Raw.

Disassociating the Money In The Bank match we get to witness another sideline that was earlier disclosed by Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre on previous Monday Night Raw. So, Drew McIntyre challenged Seth Rollins for WWE championship at Money In The Bank event.

Quick Shots

Drew McIntyre challeged Seth Rollins for WWE championship

ALister Black defeated Austin in MITB qualifier match

Rey Mysterio defeated Murphy in MITB qualifier match

Apollow got the victory against MVP in the MITB qualifier match


1. Drew McIntyre challeged Seth Rollins for WWE championship

Drew McIntyre kicked the things off as he walked down in the ring. Drew McIntyre took the mic and said Last week "I was left leg and ambushed right here at the middle of the ring. He stomped me not once but twice. He said if he is the champ then de deserve the opportunity at the champ but what if people think that he does not deserve an opportunity at the champ but thought about and I came to the conclusion that Seth Rollins is the most decorated superstars so deserve an opportunity at the champ.

Then he went on to challenge Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship match at Money In The Bank. Meanwhile, he was intubated by Zalina Vega, Garza. Zalina said they are bored with Drew McIntyre's speech suddenly we saw Andrade attacking Drew from behind with a running kick but Drew got him under Claymore Kick to take him down. Zalina ordered Garza and Austin to go into the ring for the help but they denied to so. Meanwhile, Drew hit the another Claymore kick.

2. ALister Black defeated Austin in MITB qualifier match

At the beginning of the match Austin was driving crazy on Aleister Black. We saw Zalina joining commentary box who had a trash talk with them. We saw Aleister taking Austin out of the ring and tried to land Black mass but fell escaped out of the ring. Meanwhile, Zalina bright the interruption which brought the advantage for Austin to send Aleister to the barricade.

Austin holding Aleister on atop of him and hit him top of the turnbuckle twice. Aleister Black with Armbar on Astin but Austin was able to hold him up in the lock and Powerbombed him at the middle of the ring. Black with back to back stirks which swung Austin. It was a little chance for Austin to hit right behind the neck of Aleister with a Superkick and went for the cover but kicked out at two. Aleister Black moved towards Black Mass but Austin ducked it once but soon after Alister Black successfully landed Black Mass to win the match.

3. Shayna Baszler brutalized Indi

Shayna Baszler headed towards the ring, she was stopped at the top of the stage by Charley who asked her going up about what she is doing and did with Sarah Logan. Shayna said she did not try to break the rules but she is broke her arm. Then she left the stage and headed towards the ring. We saw Indi escaping from the kicks of Shayna Baszler which enraged Shayna who later tried to have her move earlier but Indi ducked her move and landed some hits on Shayna which enraged her more and the knee stricks into the front of Indi. Later, Shayna Baszler brock Indi's arm with the same way, she did with Sarah last week.

After the match we saw Indi writhing in pain. Shayna turned her face and brought a Ladder near to the ring. She dragged Indi from the ring and sent her into the barricade. Later she took Indi's arm into the latter and stuck on her leg.

4. Nia Jax defeated Kairi Sane in a MITB Qualafinig rematch

We got back in the ring with Kairi Sane entering the ring. She was followed by Nia Jax. The bail rang and we saw Kair sane taking the pill of confidence against Nia Jax, but we saw Nia tossing Kairi Sane and had big close lines at everywhere in the ring. the back of Kairi into the bottom of the turnbuckle. She tried for another same hit but Kairi ducked this time and Nia Jax face-first into the turnbuckle. Kairi targeted Nia's leg which took her away from in-ring action. Kairi was taking the complete advantage by swinging Nia Jax. Kairi Sane went on the top of the ring post and jumped on Nia but she ducked it and had her move to win the match.

5. Seth Rollins accepted Drew McIntyre challenge

Seth Rollins was on the camera to respond to the challenge that was laid down by Drew. He said I admire WWE champion Drew McIntyre because he deserves to be so. Not so many know what is the feeling to defeat WWE champion, Brock Lesnar, at the main event. Then he went on to accept the challenge, but not out of respect but out of necessity and duty because WWE needs a leader right now.

Seth Rollins went on to say that "At Money in the Bank, Drew, I'm going to take your title. Not because I want to, but because I have to."

6. Appolo Crews defeated MVP to enter MITB Ladder match

MVP headed towards the ring and he had some talks regarding MITB Ladder match, he was interrupted by Appolo Crews in the ring. The bail range and Appolo led the match with a few more kicks on MVP, at some point MVP asked for a timeout from the Offical, Back from the break MVP tried to end the match with his move but Crews block it with a massive Powerslam on MVP and went for the cover but kicked out at two. Crew with another slam on MVP and he went on the top of the turnbuckle to jump on MVP.

MVP had knee up to bring the match for him, right after the time MVP had Playmaker for the cover but Appolo kicked at two setting the shock for MVP. Appolo grabbed MVP from behind to land a massive Powerslam to win the match.

7. Liv Morgan picked her victory against Ruby

It was words of praise from everyone to Liv Morgan to lift the momentum on Ruby, at the half time of the match, Ruby was advancing on Liv Morgan with the hits she had on Liv, later we saw a final move from Liv to win the match with a shocking end.

8. Rey Mysterio defeated Murphy in a Money In The Bank qualifing Ladder match

We were right back in the ring with Rey Mysterio for his match with Murphy. He was followed by Murphy in the ring. The bail range. The three-time world champion nearly had Murphy with 619 but Murphy blocked it and tried to create some hits on Rey, Murphy sent Rey out of the ring apparently targeting Rey's finger, Murphy followed back Rey and send him first through the barricade and then to barricade, he took Rey back into the ring and attempted have more moves but this time Rey took out Murphy and himself went on to lunch on Murphy but we saw Murphy escaping the jump and caused a diet injury on Rey's finger, Back from the break Rey was in trouble as Murphy continued to target Rey's left hand.

Rey Mysterio with Cross Body and then took out Murphy with DDT on Murphy and went for the cover but kicked out at two. Rey with a good shot at the top of the apron. Murphy fought back with a rough shot on Rey, Mur[by holding Rey on atop of his shoulder and tried to launch on the ground but used his idea to make it unable then Rey took the control in the ring. Rey brought Murphy into the ring and climbed on the top of the turnbuckle to lunch himself on Murphy but he was caught in the air applying Powerbomb.

Muphy had the cover but kicked out at two, they both fought at the top of the turnbuckle, Rey would take down Murphy who fell helpless on the ring rope which advanced Rey to have 619 and then Hight Jump on Murphy to win the match.

9. Charlotte Flair defeated Kayden

The bail range and we saw The Queen had some stretching, Kayden tried to drive her with hits but Charlotte with a quick mass to take down Kayden. Charlotte had another hit but this time Kayden ducked to let Charlotte go in the ring rope, Kayden shocked Charlotte with some of her moves and then a submission move which completely made Charlotte under the control but nothing was hard for Charlotte to lift Kayden with her power and going up for "Figure Of Four" to win the match.

10. Drew McIntyre defeated Angel Garza with a thrilling end

Angle Garza got the fantastic opportunity to go up against Drew McIntyre, he walked down in the ring with others from his crew. The mic hit and here came Drew McIntyre in the ring. The bail rang and we saw Drew running rough on Garza although the ring and then sent him from the ring rope. Drew followed him back whereby he sent Garza through the barricade and then tried to make some others but got the destruction from Andrade which led Garza for the advantage. Drew tried to counter back but had another distraction from Austin. He took Austin with the right kick on his face but Garza came from behind to take out Drew. Garza took Drew into the ring and climbed at the top of the ring rope to have jaw-dropping on Drew. He went for the cover but kicked out at two.

Drew McIntyre countered back to be in the action and hit Garza with a massive knee strick taking him down, he then sent Garza tossing up to the ring rope whereby Garza was joined by his crew, we saw a shocking and first-ever flip from Drew McIntyre to take out everyone. Drew went near to Zalina to say that "he can do anything". Later he threw United States Champion Andrade off the barricade and then had a massive Claymore on Austin who tried to make some effect on Drew. Drew took Garza back into the ring and launched Claymore Kick to win the match.

After winning the match Drew went near to commentary box and said them to see another Claymore Kick from him. We saw Drew McIntyre went once again in the ring to have another Claymore Kick to take him down. Then saw Austin driving through the bottom of the rope in order to bring some help for Garza but Drew would have a quick Claymore kick to take him out too. Austin and Garza escaped from the reach of Drew while Drew followed them at some extent and that's how Monday Night Raw took a well-received applaud.

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