Top 10 Monday Night Raw Moments ( Feb. 24, 2020 )

Anfostar Team Wed Feb 26, 2020
Top 10 Monday Night Raw Moments ( Feb. 24, 2020 )
Welcome to Anfostar_Last Night we had plenty of spectacular things to see on Raw. The first things which remind us of the power-packed confrontation between Randy Orton and Kevin and then laying down the one-on-one match later for the main event. However, Kevin Owens did not appear as the victorious because of the referee's involvement with Seth Rollins and that's how he did a snap count just after The Viper applied DDT on Kevin Owens.

On the later preferences, The referee caught red haded when Kevin Owens dragged him to put off the jersey to show up the truth of the talk. Kevin Ownes beat down black and blue to The Referee, setting off a table for the Powerbomb. We saw Shayna Baszler and Becky Lynch also turned out to be vicious when the SIx-woman Elimination Chamber match contract signing took place, while the contract had been set off successfully but after the process, Nataliya set off the brawl with Asuka and then Becky Lynch came by the ring for the fight to be picked with Shayna Baszler.

Let's know the Top 10 moments below with the full sight

Quick Shots

Kevin Owens challenged Randy Orton for one-on-one

Angle Garza defeated Humberto Carrillo

Ricochet defeated Luke Gallows

Brock Lesnar returned to Rw

The O.C attacked Aleister Black

Aleister Black defeated Erick Rowan in a rematch

Bobby Lashely defeted R-Truth

The contact sighin fell upon he intrese brawl between Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler

Seth Rollins defeated Montez Ford

Randy Orton won the match at the cheating from referee and lastly dashed down.


1. Kevin Owens challenged Randy Orton for one-on-one

Randy Orton was going with the floating mind, he took the mic and said, He needs to apologize on what he did because his emotions made him unbalanced as of late. Orton said he arrived to the building today and was told it's been 15 years since RAW was hosted in Winnipeg. Randy Orton referred as the 24 years old as of that time. A man who would eventually save him from himself, who he would eventually look up to and love like a brother. His name was Adam but all of you call him Edge Fans started chanting We want Edge!!. Randy Orton said what He did with Edge, you guys can never understand. What he did is extremely sorry for that, he asks the sorry from the bottom of his heart.

Meanwhile, Kevin Owens interrupted Randy Orton and he entered the ring to say that he has been in deluged past a few weeks because of the AOP and Seth Rollins. but now he is in kind of delusion about Edge's attacks, he then said last week Matt Hardy came here twice but instead, he beat him vicious twice. Kevin regarded Edge his hero. Kevin said he watched Edge at Royal Rumble and was right there out of the stage waiting for my entry but watched Edge as his superstar. Meanwhile, Kevin Owens challenged Randy Orton for one on one with him, Randy Orton went on to accept the challenge.

2. Angle Garza defeated Humberto Carrillo

Angle Garza and Zalina Vega was the next to enter the ring, for the first time Angle Garza will battle his cousin Humberto Carrillo. Next, Humberto Carrillo came i the ring. They with the familiar pice of styles because of the same blood, Humberto Carrillo was more prepared then Angle as he kicked out Angle out of the ring to the barricade. After, the break we saw Angle cut down Humberto Carrillo who tried to climb on the top of the ring post. Angle made a backdrop and then a massive Superkick for the cover but he kicked out with two. Humberto Carrillo came in the action and hit Angle down to the ring.

Angle launched a massive hit into the front of Humberto Carrillo, they looked for the intense brawl at the edge of the apron, Angle went on the top of the ring post to apart Humberto Carrillo down to the ring. After the break, Humberto Carrillo launched Spanish drop on Angle for the two covers. Humberto Carrillo took Angle on the top of the ring but he instead got hit by Angle, he went for the cover but he kicked out with a shock. They went back and forth, rolling up each other and finally, Angle Garza rolled him up for the pin to win the match.

3. Ricochet defeated Luke Gallows

We were back in the ring with Ricochet to pick his one-one-one match with Luke Gallows, Ricochet was right there to prove that he can compete against Brock Lesnar. Luke Gallows tried to slow down Ricochet with his massive hit, but he was enough to make his impact on Luke. Ricochet launched his move and went for the cover but he kicked out at two. Finally, Ricochet hit Luke Gallows right to the front and went on the top of the ring to launch Shotting Star at Luke Gallows to win the match.

4. Brock Lesnar returned to Rw

Paul Heyman and The WWE Champion Brock Lesnar entered the ring with the only few days left from his championship confrontation with Ricochet. Paul Heyman said this is a spoiler - Lesnar will make mincemeat out of Drew, take him to Suplex City, F5 him and be done with him once and for all at WrestleMania. Brock Lesnar raised his title in the air in the flaunt.

5. The O.C attacked Aleister Black

Next week's Raw will drive our attentions on March 2 from The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York City. Aleister Black's last night victory over Erick Rowan has proved that he is ready to pick the capable in the locker room despite having been attacked by The O.C when he walking backstage to pick his match with Erick Rowan but he got viciously attacked by The O.C out of nowhere. Even though Aleister Black fought through the math with Erick Rowan and eventually won the match verifying himself to be mighty.

6. Aleister Black defeated Erick Rowan in a rematch

Aleister Balck was a backstage walking lamp, apparently not prepared to pick his fight with Erick because of having attacked by The O.C. earlier at Backstage. They both entered the ring, Aleister Balck was although continued to make his way on victory as he was focused on the victory. Erick took the shots on Aleister Black by sending him into the barricade back to back and then Powerbomb into the ring post. Erick went into the ring to break down Aleister but was instead taken down by Aleister Black with Aleister Mass to win the match.

7. Bobby Lashley defeated R-Truth

Truth was in the ring pretending to have Truth T.V. with the guest Lana and Bobby Lashley, they entered the ring, Lana took the mic and said they are not here for your trash talk, actually Bobby is here to fight with you for a one-on-one. The truth was all truly ready for the match, fans chanted Rusev Day!! Lana said Rusev Day has gone now and said to ring the bail as for the instant. R-Truth took down Bobby adopting John Cena's styles but for the later Bobby had his massive Spear on Truth to win the match.

8. The contact sighing fell upon he intense brawl between Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler

We were back in the ring with Natalya, Liv Morgan, Shayna Baszler, Asuka, Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan, for the contract signing. During the process, Asuka took the objection dragging Shayna Baszler in between that Shayna Baszler is not her in the ring. Later, they all went on to sign one by one, Shayna Baszler made her entrance in the ring to sign the contract. Shayna Bszler went to the side of Natalya to confront her. Natalya came out of herself but she was resisted by Asuka who pushed Natalya to the back. Now Asuka and Shayna was there for the confrontation.

Meanwhile, Natalya took down Asuka from behind and took the few more punches while, she was down, at the anther side Liv Morgan jumped on Ruby with a hit. Shayna Baszler was then alone in the ring flaunting to be standing alone in the ring. The music hit and here came Becky Lynch to confront Shayna Baszler. Becky entered the ring taking down Shayna Baszler with back to back punches. Shayna Basler was on the attack for the later as she dropped Becky on the apron. Security guards rushed towards them to split the rage.

9. Seth Rollins defeated Montez Ford

After the disqualification Montez Ford called out Seth Rollins for the instant matchup. Murphy was right there to have a look on the match and kind of destruction that he could bring but the referee expelled Murphy out of the arena. Montez Ford was totally taken into inaction by Seth Rollins as he hit him to the barricade. After the break, we saw Seth Rollins was still in the action leaving no way up for Montez Ford to get up and defend Seth Rollins. Montez Ford came back in the action with his moves. He took Seth for the cover but Seth Rollins kicked out with two. Seth Rollins looked for the Pedigree but Montez Ford got fine escaping from the move and launched DDT on Seth Rollins for the pin but he kicked out for the two. Finally, Seth Rollins had Pedigree to get the victory over Montez Ford.

10. Randy Orton won the match at the cheating from the referee and lastly dashed down.

Randy Orton entered the ring to pick the challenge from Kevin Ownes, Randy Orton was followed by Kevins Owens. The bail rang and Kevin took Randy into the corner. Randy went out of the ring, Kevin went his back and sent him through the barricade following a Rollins Flip from Kevin Owens. He took The Viper into the ring. Kevin Owens went on the top of the ring edge whereby he was disrupted by Seth Rollins, AOP and Murphy. Kevin Ownes turned to their side and Randy took the advantage hitting Kevin Owens from behind to dash him down from the ring. After the break, we saw Randy Orton was taking on Kevin Ownes while The Monday Night Messia surrounded the ring. Kevin Owens hit a massive Superkick on Randy Orton for the pin but he kicked out on two. During the match, we got back up from The Street Profits who took them beating out of the arena. Kevin Owens was continued to hit him up.

Seth Rollins again emerged in the ring which took The Viper into an advantage to hit the Close line on Kevin Owens and then a DDT on Kevin Owens for the pin he went for the cover and the referee counted instant 3. Randy Orton even looked at the referee in shock.

Winner : Randy Orton, victory followed by pinfall

After the match Seth Rollins brought some chairs for Randy Orton to the exactly with Kevin as what he did with Edge first and then to Matt Hardy. Kevin went conscious as he got up with a chair to confront Randy Orton but Randy Orton left the ring deying to do so. Now Kevin brought the referee in the ring and stipped his jersy to let everyone know that he was wearing a T-shirt of Monday Night Messia. At another side, Seth Rollins claimed that referee has nothing to do with him, but nothing stopped Kevin to launch structure on the referee and then went down to bring Table in the ring and he took more damages on the referee as he sent him through the table.

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