Top 10 Moves Used By Seth Rollins

Jitendra Jangir Mon Jul 06, 2020
Top 10 Moves Used By Seth Rollins
The most important and the decorated thing that we have got our worth to point at In WWE History is about having the best finishing move. There have been plenty of Wrestlers who are known for their specific finishing moves.

more like it, deep-dangerous which has been taken into the concern of banning them cause of witnessing too much harm to their opponent. Ever since Seth Rollins aligned with Triple H, he has been using the Pedigree as a finisher. Once things with The Authority were behind him, The Kingslayer debuted a new move in a match with Karl Anderson.

Below are the top moves used by Seth Rollins.


The Pedigree, a finishing maneuver in professional wrestling made famous by Triple H, this move is known to be causing the lots of harm to his opponent and that's the reason why it has too been taken into the concern of resistin it in WWE, currently, Seth Rollins is continued to invest on their opponent, in this move the wrestler plug the opponent's head between the wrestler's legs and then applies on the opponent with their face-side.

2.#Curb stomp[Stomp]

Seth Rollins' version of the move is a running stomp to the back of the head of a bent-over opponent, forcing the opponent face-first into the ground. It was eventually banned from use by WWE in 2015, before Rollins would return to using this move as a finisher in early 2018. Impact Wrestling wrestler Laurel Van Ness also uses this move as a finishing move.

3.#Avada Kedavra

Avada Kedavra is a thrust kick while the opponent is on his knees. The wrestler would land a superkick to dash down his opponent.

4.#Frog Splash

This move see the wrestler climbing to the top rope to make a frog on his opponent while he down on his back. The Wrestler land right on his chest.

5.#Turnbuckle powerbomb

The wrestler faces a standing opponent, bends them forwards, takes a hold around their waist and then flips the opponent up and over so the opponent is sitting on the wrestler's shoulders. The wrestler then faces a corner of the ring and throws the opponent into the corner, driving the back and neck of the opponent to the turnbuckle. The move was famously used by Kenta Kobashi. The move was used by Seth Rollins until WWE banned it in 2020.

6.#Sling Blade

A spinning sit-out variation of a sleeper slam that makes use of the wrestler's own momentum. The attacking wrestler starts by running and extending his arm like a lariat takedown but instead performs a revolution around the opponent's shoulders. This causes the wrestler to switch to his opposite arm before taking his opponent down to the mat while simultaneously landing in a seated position.

7.#Springboard Diving Knee

8.#Suicide Dive

When a somersault is performed after leaping through the ropes, or by jumping over the top rope, to land on the opponent back first, the move is known as a suicide senton or topé con giro (Sp. spinning headbutt).

9.#Falcon Arrow

Also called a suplex driver or a Falcon Arrow, this sees an attacker apply a front face lock to the opponent and drapes the opponent's near arm over their shoulder. The attacker then takes hold of the opponent's torso with their free arm and lifts the opponent to a vertical position.


A suplex is an offensive move used in amateur wrestling and professional wrestling. It is a throw that involves lifting the opponent and bridging or rolling to slam the opponent on their back.


Enzuigiri is an attack that strikes the back of the head. A common variation of the enzuigiri sees the wrestler stepping up the opponent's midsection, and hitting the back of the opponent's head with the other foot.

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