Top 10 WWE Survivor Series reveals

Anfostar Team Wed Feb 17, 2021
Top 10 WWE Survivor Series reveals

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Only six days are left to get going for the Survivor Series, for the first time ever all three brands Smackdown, Raw and NXT are getting collided for the upcoming survivor series on November 24, 2019, every brand is heading toward their perfect zone by recruiting their team members for the battle, facing off each other.

Recently WWE has uploaded a video remembering you to the top ten past reveals for survivor series. From triple H to Daniel Bryan were seen uniting in the ring, so let's proceed by going through the conversation on the line.

1. Daniel Bryan recruits Shane to Survivor Series as their fifth member, let's read what he has to say?

Daniel Bryan:In the top right-hand corner, there is my name but in the top left-hand corner, there is another name, of our commissioner. So will you be the fifth member of the team Smackdown Live? "Where crowed stirred Shane to join the team."

2. Undertaker on the lead to address U.S pride. Let's read what he has to say?

Undertaker:These three men stand up for what they believe American pride! So let freedom reign, and let these foreign fanatics rest in peace.

3. Natalia steps up to represent the team. Let's read they both have to say?

Nikki Bella:I don't know what happened, someone hit me from behind, i didn't see anything.

Natalia:you are gonna be able to compete tonight? Our match is literally coming right up!

The doctor made clear that she is not ready to compete tonight.

Natalia:Well, there is no way that we can do four on five, that's not even fair, i know i am the coach, but the least i can do is represent Smackdown. What else are we gonna do?

4. Stone gold proposal to U Shawn Michaels "Let's come down"

Stone gold:i am saying i need Shawn Michaels, so you in or out, What do you think?

Later Shawn Michaels accepted the proposal.

5. Harper as a team player for the survivor series including Seth Rollins, Kane, and Mark Haney.

6. Rowan shocks Harper on the ring.

The sudden entry of Rowan stunned Luck Harper whereby he joined Cena team including Dolf Ziggler, John Cena, and Big Show.

7. Triple H made a decision to be a member of Team-Raw.

8. Razor's mystery teammate.

Razor:This guy, he got as much machismo as me. The one, the only. Randy savage.

9. A-train runs over Cena when Paul Heyman put a proposal to Cena for joining the team Brock Lesner.

John Cena denied saying that look at your team, man, i am not gonna fit in on team Sasquatch.

Meanwhile, John Cena was attacked by A-train.

10. Ted DiBiase's Million Dollar introduced his new mystery partner for the survivor series.

Approximately one minute into the match, The Undertaker eliminated Koko B. Ware with his finisher, the Tombstone Piledriver.

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