Top 10 WWE Wrestlers To Have Most Pay-Per-View Matches

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jun 16, 2020
Top 10 WWE Wrestlers To Have Most Pay-Per-View Matches
There have been numerous Pay-Per_View events with plantly of incredible wrestlers in WWE history. If we occur with the discussion of most PPV attendance then we are most likely to visualizes some of the great Wrestler of the All-time, such as The Undertaker, Triple H, Kane, Randy Orton, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Big Show and so on.

They have accomplished so much being under the company shadow or outside of the wrestling world. The top Wrestlers who have still consisted in the list from 3 to 1 are Kana with the most attendance at 174, The Undertaker is possessing the second ride with 173 events, while Tiple has gone to make it through with 170 events.

WWE has held the multiple Pay-Per-view events setting a massive record all over the world. Mostly in every month, we get to see a new event dropping live. There are some big events which have their own significant such as WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, Summerslam, Money In The Bank, Survivor Series, Backlash and so on.

Lets' exclusively take a look at the list.

List Of The Wrestlers
No. Wrestler Name All PPV Matches First Match Previous Event
1. Kane 174 SummerSlam 1995 Crown Jewel 2018
2. The Undertaker 173 SummerSlam 1990 WrestleMania 36
3. Triple H 170 SummerSlam 1995 Super ShowDown 2019
4. Randy Orton 164 SummerSlam 2003 WrestleMania 36
5. John Cena 161 Vengeance 2002 WrestleMania 36
6. Big Show 142 WrestleMania XV SummerSlam 2017
7. Chris Jericho 141 Unforgiven 1999 Greatest Royal Rumble
8. Edge 129 SummerSlam 1998 WrestleMania 36
9. Shawn Michaels 116 Survivor Series 1988 Crown Jewel 2018
10. The Miz 115 Armageddon 2004 Money in the Bank 2020

The following records have been with 2020 WWE Backlash Event.

WWE Held their fist Pay-Per-View event in 1985 with the only prominent event of the all-time and that WrestleMania 1. The event was seen by over one million viewers through closed-circuit television, making it the largest pay-per-view showing of a wrestling event on closed-circuit television in the United States at the time.

WrestleMania is WWE's biggest pay-per-view event. In 2019, the 35th edition took place at MetLife Stadium and attracted 82,265 spectators. Currently, WWE PPV events are typically 3½ hours to 4 hours in length, while WWE's WrestleMania events are approximately 5 to 5½ hours in length.

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