Top 5 Monday Night Raw Moments ( Feb. 10, 2020 )

Anfostar Team Tue Feb 11, 2020
Top 5 Monday Night Raw Moments ( Feb. 10, 2020 )
Welcome to Anfostar_This week's Raw had a lot to put on the line for preparation on both Super ShowDown on February 27 and Elimination Chamber on March 8. The speculated highlights included Becky Lynch defending the Raw Women's Championship against Asuka. We realized the real situation when The Queen of Spades proceeded to bite her in the back of the neck and took her down completely. Becky Lynch was all fine when she twice steeped into the ring after returning from the hospital. She came down to the ring to make a statement on Shayna Baszler.

It looks that Shayna Baszler and Becky Lynch are gonna take this feud for the distance to WrestleMnai where according to the rumors, Shayna Beszlar may be dethroning Becky Lynch to crown herself with Raw Women's Championship. During the attack, Shayna came up with her face covered in blood as Lynch screamed in pain. For another big event, we spotted our eyes upon the next Eight-Man Tag-Team Match. Seth Rollins, Murphy and AOP taking on Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe and The Viking Raiders. MVP also returned to WWE this week to host a special episode of "The VIP Lounge" with this year's Royal Rumble winner, Drew McIntyre.

Quick Shots

Becky Lynch Asuka's long-time doubt of defeating Becky Lynch

Shayna Baszler attacked Becky Lynch during Bekcy's victory celebration over Asuka

Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe & The Viking Raiders confronted Raw Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins & Murphy & AOP

Rhea Ripley confronted Sarah Logan while Charlotte oberving the match.

Randy Orton attacked Matt Hardy


Becky Lynch Asuka's long-time doubt of defeating Becky Lynch

The Man entered the ring to have her match with Asuka. Asuka was next to enter the ring, she had the mic in her hands, she spoke but nothing was worth understandable as she spoke in Japanese. She entered the ring to face Becky Lynch. The bail rang and they griped each other in their moves. Kairi Sane was outside of the ring. Asuka pushed Becky Lynch on the apron giving a little damage to her.

Becky Lynch came back in a more impressive way, she gripped Asuka in her grip and hit her to dash down on the ground. Kairi Sana tried to make the distraction as she climbed on the edge of the apron. She jumped herself out before she could be done by Becky Lynch. Asuka took the advantage in beating down Becky Lynch as she kicked her to send her out of the ring. After the break, we saw Asuka was making the match painfull to The Man, she griped Becky Lynch by her hand, the crowd chanted Becky Lynch.

She got back in the fire by dashing down Asuka while she was in the middle section of the apron. Asuka with a massive ground drop on Becky Lynch and went more the over for the two counts to save herself out. Becky Lynch sent Asuka out of the ring and instead, dashed down Karin Sane who was trying to make the distraction. Asuka hit Becky Lynch from behind as she was focusing on Kairi Sana. Becky back in the fire. The Man hit Asuka to the ring post with a massive hit on her front.

Becky Lynch went on the second rope to jump down Asuka but she had her double Kee to the face and made her unconscious. Asuka went for the cover but Becky kicked out on two counts. The match was going in the right direction as it supposed to go. After the break Asuka was on the top of the ring gripping Becky in her grip she jumped form the rope while Becky was in her grip. She went for the cover but THe Man made it to the two counts. Asuka immediately, caught in the Asuka lock but The Man lift her while she was still in her grip. Both went for the back to back dish Armer by rolling up. Becky Lynch finally her move to win the match.

Shayna Baszler attacked Becky Lynch during Bekcy's victory celebration over Asuka

After the match we saw Shayna Besler came in the ring by attacking The Man from behind, Shayna bites Becky Lynch from behind the neck. Becky Lynch started bleeding as we saw during the attack, Shayna came up with her face covered in blood as Lynch screamed in pain, The referee isolated Shayna sending her out. Local medician came to treat Becky Lynch.

We were right backstage as we saw Becky Lynch returned to Raw from Hospital. She walked down to the Raw, Becky Lynch returned to the ring in much aggression and took the mic to say that She is ready to smash you down where you are, she called out Shayna. She said she came out here back to rip down Shayna's face to pay her back on what she did with her. "You wanna put your hands on The Man. You wanna sink your little rats' teeth into my flesh just to get my attention... SHAYNA BABY mission accomplished!" Becky Lynch went on to say that "she will beat her week by week, little by little" then she headed towards the exit.

Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe & The Viking Raiders confronted Raw Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins & Murphy & AOP

Seth Rollins, Murphy & AOP again Walk Out Victorious by defeating once against Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens and The Viking Raiders In A Eight-Man Tag-Team action. Earlier before having their match, we noticed that Both the teams clashed in the ring when Seth Rollins enraged Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, and The Viking Raiders. WE saw Kevin Owens made his way in the ring, The Viking Raiders, and Samoa Joe were followed by later. Seth Rollins had his words for them, suddenly, Kevin Owens and rest teammates attacked on them as well as kicking off the tag-team match. After the Break Erick was taking on Murphy, he made the tag with Ivar, and then Ivar was next to make the tag who took Murphy in the full destruction with a massive kick. The tag was made by Kevin Owens who had the backdrop on Murphy from the ring post side.

Erick had the tag next. Somehow, Murphy found his way in making the tag with AOP, Erick was tightly gripped by AOP, Seth Rollins stole the tag and held Erick into the pin. Seth went on to replace the tag with Murphy. Somehow, Erick was qualified in making the tag with Ivar as flew over Murphy when he tried to hit Erick from the ring corner. Ivar entered the ring taking the hold on Murphy. After the break AOP and Kevin were outside of the ring, AOP taking on Kevin Owens. He was taken in the ring back. Murphy made the tag and sent Kevin down to the ring, during the time Seth Rollins forged the way in beating Kevin Owens.

Akam was taking the complete destruction on Kevin Owen, he did not let Kevin back in the action. Murphy stole the tag and the same condition went on the process. Kevin Owen launched DDT on Muphy and immediately made the tag with Samoa Joe, while another side Murphy made the tag with Seth Rollins. Samoa Joe was more than prepared in comparison to Seth Rollins. AOP Tried to save Seth Rollins but The Viking Raiders hit them while coming the way. The Viking Raider and Samoa Joe flew over the top rope to take down all the opponents. Murphy and Samoa Joe were gotten back in the ring where AOP approached and took down Samoa leaving Muphy in the ring to cover him for the victory.

Rhea Ripley confronted Sarah Logan while Charlotte observing the match.

The announcers showed us NXT Women's Champion Rhea Ripley interrupting Charlotte Flair last week on RAW and then Charlotte Flair appearing on NXT. Charly Caruso was backstage with Ripley, asking if she's still waiting for an answer from the Queen. Ripley says no because she gets up, gets out and does what needs to be done. Meanwhile, Sarah Logan interrupted Rhea Ripley.

We were right back in the ring with Sarah Logan. She had the mic in her hand. Without wasting no time she called out Rhea Ripley. The Music hit and here came Rhea Ripley, as they were ready to make the match started Charlotte emerged at the entrance. The continued as Charlotte was watching from the top. Rhea Riley did not take a long time to have Rhea tied to win the match.

After the match Rea had her question to Charlotte asking that where is she answer, you came to NXT but she did not find the answer. Charlotte replied saying that_maybe that's how The Queen operates. She went on to say that how she would trust because she is gonna have her championship match with Bianca what if she loses. The Charlotte left the stage leaving Rhea in the ring.

Randy Orton attacked Matt Hardy

Last week we found that Randy Orton approached to ring to put the explanation about what he did with Edge a few weeks ago but he went without giving any response on the matter. Last week he got another chance to make the right statement but even though he could not explain as he got the distraction from Matt Hardy. Randy Put Matt into the same shape as he put Edge. Randy Orton entered the ring to explain his reasons for attacking Edge a few weeks ago. He waited outside at the edge of the ring, fans started booing, he entered the ring and asked for the mic. Fans continued to louder their boo, He said he still owes on the explanation on what he did weeks ago, what he hurt Edge, it more than hurt me. He was interrupted by Matt Hardy, he said come on and say, everyone and he wants to know the explanation on Edge's attack. He went on to say about how the four created so much being in WWE.

Meanwhile, Randy Orton tried to have his RKO on Matt but Matt saved himself kand fired on attacking Randy, it went for a while as Randy Orton finally got his RKO on Matt. Randy suddenly, went out of the ring to bring out the chair to do what he did a few weeks ago with Edge. He placed the chair right to head of Matt like the same he did with Edge. He then left the ring leaving Matt in a helpless condition.

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