Top 5 WWE Superstars to win the title match on their debut

Anfostar Team Sun Dec 15, 2019
Top 5 WWE Superstars to win the title match on their debut
It is the obvious wonderful feeling for a wrestler to win a title match whether age matters or not. there are many superstars who have not won a single title match in their entire life. Today I am going to make you previse some of the superstars who have won title match on their debut.

Let's wake up to those superstars who surprised by winning title match on their debut

1. Paige

AJ Lee Vs Paige

Winner : Paige, victory followed by pinfall

Title won date : 7 April 2014

Paige made her main roster debut on 7 April 2014 episode of Raw, just after the fulfillment of night WrestleMania XXX, it was a surprise appearance of Paige who reached there congratulating Divas Champion AJ Lee on her victorious title defense at the pay-per-view event, but AJ slapped Paige, which later converted into a challenge her to an immediate match for the championship, which was shortly claimed by Paige as well as making her the youngest Divas Champion in history at the age of 21and the first Diva to gain a victory of the title in her debut match.

2. Gail Kim

Royal Battle for the WWE Women's Championship match

Winner : Gail Kim, eleminated Victoria as the last to stand there

Title won date : June 30, 2003

Kim was introduced on television in the episode of Raw following a battle royal for WWE Women's Championship match on June 30, 2003, containing seven-women. then held by an injured Jazz, on the line. Kim stood victorious by lastly eliminating Victoria. Kim held the title for four weeks.

3. Colón

Single match for United States Championship

Winner : Colón, victory followed by pinfall

Title won date : October 7, 2004

On October 7, 2004, Colón made his debut on SmackDown! Under the ring name "Carlito Caribbean Cool" where on his first match with John Cena and defeated John Cena for the United States Championship in his first match on the main roster by launching a steel chain to knock out Cena.

4. Christian

Christian Vs Taka Michinoku for WWF Light Heavyweight Championship

Winner : Christian, victory followed by pinfall

Title won date : October 18, 1998

Christian got introduced on television in WWF's pay-per-view event Breakdown: In Your House on September 27 as his debut match where Christian won the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship by defeating Taka Michinoku at Judgment Day: In Your House on October 18, 1998.

5. Big Show

Big Show Vs Hulk Hogan for WCW World Heavyweight Championship

Winner : Big Show, victory followed by DQ

Title won date : 1995

The Giant made his professional in-ring debut at Halloween Havoc against Hulk Hogan for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. He won the title match after Hogan's manager, Jimmy Hart, intentionally lead Hogan on the disqualified by pinning Hogan himself.

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