Top 5 moments of Monday Night Raw November 25, 2019

Anfostar Team Tue Nov 26, 2019
Top 5 moments of Monday Night Raw November 25, 2019

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Gotta pen that it was a solid-packed Monday Night Raw. One of the most striking storylines that go on the underline is about what has been remarked by Rey Mysterio as he came to be the United States Champion by dethroning AJ Style.

It just came after the "Big Fall" when Rey Misterio was pulverized by Brock Lasner and retained his WWE Championship but that was not putting Rey Misterio under the wait until the Raw kicked off. "That was more like it!"

Besides this fact of storylines, we were also called into attention when Rusev was arrested as he disordered the "Restraining order" registered by Lana where Rusev was not allowed to come down closer to Lana from ninety feet.

Well, Monday Night Raw got the touch with Town Hall Meeting, we see the entire RAW roster encircling the ring, Seth Rollins said that I have been a hard fan of Raw and I want to rebuild this with extreme might but yesterday night at Survivor Series "you all sucked" he then mentioned Randy Orton a "weak link" and Randy Orton walked away.

Seth Rollins noted Charlotte as leader of woman's division and then Charlotte also followed Orton's steeps. Then he came down calling Rey Misterio a "Stupid kid" one by one every superstar left the ring to expect Kevin Owens who was called "NXT member by Seth Rollins. However, Kavin Owens used his "Thunder Stunner" at Seth Rollins and left off.

Let's get you all together with Storylines.

1. Rusev got arrested as he disordered "Restraining Order"

As we know that Rusev was forbidden to come around Lana from ninety feet but nothing was coming to restrict Rusev. Bobby Lashley had his match fixed with Titus O'Neill but in In-between Rusev stroked Bobby to beat him black and blue but later Rusev was arrested not follow the order.

2. Rey Mysterio defeated Ricochet, Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre for the right to challenge United States Champion AJ Style

The Match was supposed to be accomplished with Humberto Carrillo and AJ Style for the United States Championship but that turned into a Fatal 4-Way match because Team OC attacked Humberto Carrillo and then Drew Mclntyre & Ricochet & Randy Orton and Rey Misterio approached the ring to challenge AJ Style for a Fatal 4-Way match where Rey Misterio defeated Drew Mclntyre & Ricochet & Randy Orton and got a golden chance to challenge AJ for the United States Championship Match.

3. New face for the United States Championship

After being squshed by Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series, Rey got another standing to win Championship match within 24 hours of span with AJ Styles.

As by rules Match got a kick but The O.C. tried to interfere and got themselves promptly ejected by the referee as they didn't abide by the rules but in a short of time The O.C re-emerged in the ring attacking Rey Misterio meanwhile, Randy Orton reflected out of helping Rey Misterio.

The Viper took out Gallows & Anderson and went for RKO on AJ Style and let the opportunity be taken by Rey Mistero as he connected with 619 to dethrone AJ from the United States Championship, lately, he celebrated victory with his son.

4. AOP severely attacked Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens hit Thunder Stunner on Seth Rollins during a Town Hall Meeting later on the backstage. Rollins proposes a match against Kevin Owens tonight and the brawl began in the midst of the match, AOP arrived and got on Kevin Owens to become the cause for match's disqualification. Seth Rollins called trash to Kevin Owens.

5. Asuka made another torrent of green into Charlotte’s eyes

She did as what she has been launching on Charlotte Flair past few days. This is becoming a mind-shaking harsh for "The Queen", Asuka was grabbing for an opportunity to throw green mist on Charlotte Flair's face and rolled her up to pin down for a victory over Charlotte Flair.

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