Top 5 moments of NXT (November 27, 2019)

Anfostar Team Thu Nov 28, 2019
Top 5 moments of NXT (November 27, 2019)

It was a celebration night for NXT Brand after they triumphed over Smackdown and Raw in Survivor Series. So The NXT started making it do with the entire roster so to make it feel the proud moment but Undisputed Era came as a hurdle in the celebration. The following words were so disappointing for the rest roster as they insulted saying that "none of you is NXT"_ The Undisputed Era in NXT and it's because of NXT that... a "you suck!". And that got their car to slip the break because Ciampa interrupts them to speak out which would have probably worked to fan the flames of their defeat in Wargames and that's Ciampa left nothing to speak for them.

The most watchable proportion was by Finn Balor who was out there with the rest of them. And particularly pointed at Ciampa that turned Ciampa to challenge Finn Balor for a match. Let's get through all those storylines which have undoubtedly made us watch the show.

1. Candice LeRae Vs Dakota Kai payback to betrayal

The match was obliviously coming out of revenge for Candice LeRae as Dakota Kai betrayed her team in WarGames by harming a pensive attack on Tegan Nox's how she got a warrant to even a score and payback for what she did but the match got ended with a disqualification on the account of having been attack by Dakota Kai with a steel chair. Meanwhile, Rhea Ripley came forth to help Candice LeRae and forced Kai to flee from there.

2. NXT Tag Team Titles Match: Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic vs. The Undisputed Era

Undisputed Era got their pants down in WarGames when they lost to the Ciampa team. Just at the beginning of the show Ciampa said to Undisputed Era "The collapse continues tonight when Lee and Dijakovic take the NXT Tag Team Titles. Nothing was victimizing Keith Lee and Dominik until Adom Cole ran down to the ring. Although Adom could not do any harm_ but it was quite enough as a distraction for Undisputed Era to retained their title.

3. Lio Rush retained his NXT Cruiserweight Title Match against Akira Tozawa

Akira Tozawa got a chance to claim NXT Cruiserweight Title where he challenged Lio Rush but it went as missed-chance for Tozawa Rush goes back to the top for another. At the Lio went for Final Hour to retain his title.

4. Ripley confronted Shayna Beszler

It just all happened between a match Xia Li vs. Vanessa Borne where Li won the match. Baszler appeared with Horsewoman and sent the Horsewomen into the ring but Li ends up fighting them off. Finally, Baszler entered to end Li. She said everyone is trying to take credit for Survivor Series Weekend but no one had the kind of weekend like she had. She flaunted asserting that "Either its been Baley or Becky, I beat them" she was then interrupted by Ripley. She said Baszler did beat Bayley and Becky, but when she went face to face with Ripley, she lost. And I will do it again but next time it will be for NXT Championship and this one forced Shayana to stop there say some words to Ripley_ "She said you might be the nightmare but she's the reality and the reality is that you will be tapping or napping like the rest." Ripley challenged her to do it right now. But Shayana went down to the ringside.

5. Finne Balor sent a message for Adom Cole

Finn Balor was facing a match against Ciampa as it was challenged meanwhile Adom Cole came out to cause a victory for Finn Balor but happened next was an alarm for Adom Cole. Finn Balor dashed him instead of giving thanks.

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