Top 5 moments of WWE Monday Night Raw December 2, 2019

Anfostar Team Tue Dec 03, 2019
Top 5 moments of WWE Monday Night Raw December 2, 2019
Rollins' apology falls on deaf ears, Bobby Lashley and Lana got arrested, Orton confronted Drew Mclntyre, Kyle Busch dethrones R-Truth from 24/7 Championship reign, R-Truth regains 24/7 Championship.

Raw Roster has been in eyes since Seth made his statement on Twitter that he will issue an apology from what he spoke up last Monday Night Raw. apart from this, there were some more interesting scenes which definitely made you watch The Raw. on of the damn-giving fact was of Bobby and Lana. as we know that whenever they happen to be on the ring then you just can't be resisted from having a damn-surprise so it just happened the same. matter of facts is that Bobby and Kevin faced off for a singles match but AOP issued an entrance to sweep the Kevin out pulling the match in a disqualification meanwhile Rusev came to witness a scare on Bobby and left away in the spur of the time, later Bobby was arrested and Lana came in order to protect Bobby where she slept one of the officers which turned the fact to arrest Lana.

let me get you with today's storylines

1. Rollins' apology falls on deaf ears

He started his apology dragging the matter from past he said "last week this time I brought the entire Raw Roster out the ringside, so we can discuss our performance at survivor series" _ and look I will say it plainly and frankly as I did last week "we all sucked" Further, he said that was a little bit too harsh, you guys understand... but I was speaking from a good place, I was speaking from his heart. Because this isn't just my job, it's my life, and the guys and girls in the locker room, they aren't just my colleague, they're also my brothers and sisters_they are my family." This is all about blood struggling and fighting to survive together. He said "as the head of this family, I feel that this my responsibility to motivate locker room and get the best out of every single superstar in the ring. He admitted saying that I thought about it all week and I would like to apologize. As causing the foremost to Apology he said to the audience for an apology and later to the entire locker room but specifically to the Kevin Owens. Rollins called Owens to the ring so he can apologize on his face. and Kevin came out. Owens asked "if the fans also smell that. He says it smells like when the rodeo comes to Nashville. You know the animals have a certain smell. Immediately Owens took the point on AOP. Rollins said he had nothing to do with The AOP. Owens marked he knows you are lying because your lips are moving, and by the way, the smell he was referring to is...... Rollins said I promised you, I sweard you I am not lying. The talk was disrupted by the entrance of AOP. They challenged for a tag team match between Aop Vs Kevin and Seth Owens says one of three things can happen and all three scenarios end with the three of them beating out of me. But I am not falling for that!! But if guys gonna do it then do it now. Let's get this done. Rollins said I am tried, you do you, I do me_ I am out of here. Seth went out of the ring but Kevin still ready to fight with AOP but they too went out of the ring.

2. Bobby Lashley and Lana got arrested

As we know that Bobby Lashley agreed to have a match with Kevin Owen but AOP came to interrupt the match and caused a disqualification for the match and beat him down badly dragging Owens to the backstage area. After all, this happened Charly Carusoshe came to the ring and asked Bobby "he knows about the AOP attack"?. Lashley said he only cares about protecting Lana. meanwhile, Rusev attacked bobby and made his way out of the ring. Lana looked for a help from officers but they instead arrested Bobby. in order to stope officers, she entangled with one of the officers and slept him which made officers to arrest Lana too.

3. Orton confronted Drew Mclntyre

Before having the confrontation between Drew and Randy there was a match between Drew Mclntyre and Tozawa. After the match, he issued a problem having been with Randy Orton He talks about how a problem with today is people going to social media to complain. Drew said the WWE locker room likes to be cryptic about it because they're cowards. And I am going to be straight with his He pointed Randy Orton and assert on calling Orton to the ring so to talk about it. Immediately we saw a clip showing a mass happened between Drew and Randy last week. Drew said "he can describe what he just saw in 3 words - Stupid. Stupid." Stupid. Drew called out Randy to clear the issues. And we say "you ask, and you shall receive" Orton makes his way to the ring. Drew said Randy Orton is a future WWE Hall of Famer, but that doesn't give him the right to speak to Drew like a child. Drew said he was the most ferocious WWE Superstar in the past, but in 2019 he's only ferocious at posting on social media, Drew went on explaining "he is the most ferocious in WWE now, bigger and stronger than Orton. Drew said Orton and the RKO are outmoded now and the Claymore Kicks are in the order. Orton said, "he does what he wants because he's earned the right". But you haven't earned a damn thing. Orton thinks they are cool but if Drew thinks they have a problem, let's fix it right now. Until they could have Aj Style and O.C interrupted them.

4. Kyle Busch dethrones R-Truth from 24/7 Championship reign

On Monday Night Raw Andrade defeated Eric Young in a singles match. After Andrade took down Eric young, R-Truth came out running to ringside to protect himself from a bunch of superstars who were chasing him in order to gain 24/7 Championship. Somehow, R-Truth was worthy of finding himself in the conservative place, hiding behind Kyle Busch and Michael Waltrip. but happiness was badly off the time as Kyle Busch shortly pinned R-Truth having Michael Waltrip as a referee with him and that's how he dethroned R-Truth to be no longer as champ and become the NASCAR Champion

5. R-Truth regains 24/7 Championship

later on the backstage, Kyle Busch was celebrating his victory making a video of himself_ meanwhile, R-Truth reflected from behind and pinned NASCAR Champion Kyle Busch to reclaim 24/7 Championship as well as becoming a 24-time champion.

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