Top 5 quickest win in WWE history

Anfostar Team Mon Dec 23, 2019
Top 5 quickest win in WWE history

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Once you come in the attraction with WWE, then it becomes hard to leave it behind. To be genuine, Every event of the WWE, gonna get you flabbergasted. It holds you back to the action where it finished off. Today we will escort you to those moments which have created records and stole the show.

1. Rock defeated Erick Rick within 6 seconds to hold the record

It was an obvious clarification from Erick Rick that he left Rock into splitting the blood before happening of the big even Wrestlemania XXXII. Rock made his reflection for a once night to answer Erick Rick and accordingly what happened was an embracement for Erick, within the blink of the eyes Rock hit The Rock bottom on Erick and thus recorded a victory of only 6 seconds, when The Wyatt Family attempted to attack Rock, they were fought off by both Rock and a returning John Cena.

2. Brock Lesner defeated Kofi Kingston within 10 seconds

Brock Lesner challenged Kofi Kingston at the Friday Night SmackDown premiere on October 4, 2019, to have a battle for the WWE Heavyweight Championship, and here you go, challenge accepted! And thus, what happened next, gotta be heartbreaking, at the beginning of the match there was a sudden impact delivered by Brock Lesner. It was like taking candy from a baby, at the wink of your eyes, Brock used his F5 immediately and within 10 seconds Kofi was finished. That's how we got our new WWE champion, The Beast(Brock Lesnar).

3. Kane defeated Chavo Guerrero within 11 seconds

The Big Red Monster (Kane) crept into the ring and surprised the champion from behind. And used his Chokeslam to defeat Chavo Guerrero and claimed as the ECW Titleholder.

4. Sheamus defeated Bryan within 18 seconds

On 19 February at Elimination Chamber, Sheamus attacked World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan after Bryan retained his title, at the point of challenge Sheamus defeated Bryan becoming the World Heavyweight Championship on April 1 at WrestleMania XXVII, in a record 18 seconds.

5. Rey Misterio defeated JBL within 21 seconds to become intercontinental Title

JBL was to Defend his Intercontinental Champion against the challenger Rey Misterio at Wrestlemania XXV. Rey Misterio used his master turn on JBL to astonish and claimed his first Intercontinental Championship.

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